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Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) provides support to 8 humanist schools, plus four “interested in humanism” schools, and three religious schools in western Uganda.

Please donate at our AFRICA HUMANIST MARKET. All contributors get a receipt within 48 hours, and they are cc’d when their funds are promptly delivered to Uganda. The receipts provide tax deductions to citizens of the United States.

Canadians who want to receive tax deductions can donate via this Humanist Canada webpage. In the last square, called “Direct Donation” - select “Kasese Uganda School Fund.”


BiZoHa Humanist Orphanage & School - Brick-by-brick, we built this “world’s first atheist orphanage” in Muhokya, with funds raised initially via a GoFundMe campaign. The BiZoHa project constructed nine classrooms, plus administrative center, kitchen, dining room, separate living quarters for girl and boy orphans, clinic, and roadside stand. Additional funds were raised for classroom furniture, solar panels, rainwater catchment tanks, refrigerator, AFRIpads, Scholastic books, orphan sponsorships (paying for tuition, uniforms, lunch food, and school supplies), day scholar sponsorships, shoes, clothes, medicine, medic, orphan caretakers, security wall, security gate, postage for correspondence, and a tractor (to harvest the accompanying 7 acre farm). BiZoHa has 175 students.

Kasese Humanist Secondary School - In December, 2016, BBI launched a campaign to built classrooms for a secondary school that wold operate adjacent to Kasese Humanist Primary School. Our campaign raised funds for two classrooms (Brighter Brains Classroom and Pellissier Science Classroom), and we convinced two other groups to also provide funding for classrooms (Atheist Community of San Jose Classroom and Halton-Hell Humanist Community Classroom. Funds were also raised for classroom furniture. The new school will start January 30, 2017 (First Term) and we anticipate that it will be an excellent place to send students who previously attention our humanist primary schools.

Garama Secondary School - Located at Kisinga Trading Centre, 7 kilometers from Kyarumba, this institution has 326 students and is BBI’s only secondary school partner. Our goal is to have graduates of our humanist primaries attend this school. Thus far we have provided a bit of lunch food money, and some AFRIpads. Garama is directed by MIWODIF, the Mitooma Women’s Dignity Foundation, an Ugandan NPO dedicated to women’s equality. Garama administrators report that it is difficult to conduct classes when the children are hungry.

Kahendero Nursery Humanist School - We built this “pre-school” from the ground up, constructing three classrooms, administrative center, kitchen/dining room, and clinic. Location is only 1.5 kilometers from BiZoHa. Kahendero is a fishing village on Lake George; the community is afflicted with crime, drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, gambling, AIDS and cholera. The school opened on June 15, 2016, with 22 students. Attendance is expected to reach 100.

Kanyenze Humanist Primary School & Kanyenze Girls Humanist Orphanage - Rural school with 116 students, 5 kilometers distance from Kyarumba, directed by the Kanyenze Women’s Group. We have provided start-up funds for “A. Philip Randolph Clinic” - named after the African-American humanist. Plus we’ve delivered educational materials (textbooks, maps, posters) and training to the teachers, startup funds for a school business, a motorcycle repair shop in Kyarumba Trading Centre. Kanyenze Girls Humanist Orphanage was launched in March, 2017 - it will shelter 14 girls who will attend Kanyenze Humanist Primary School.

Kasese Humanist Primary School - Established in 2011 by Bwambale Robert Musubaho, KHPS is the first humanist school in the province and an inspiration for BBI’s humanist activities. Located in the 70,000 population city of Kasese, the school has 324 students. We help KHPS with a clinic (we pay for the medic and medicine) and an after-school Creativity Class, with an electric piano and video camera. We also provided shoes, clothes, kikoy dresses, Day Scholar and Orphan Scholarships, and funds for Kasese Freethinkers Sports Academy (equipment and uniforms).

Mother Givers Humanist School - Located in Buhanga, seven kilometers uphill from Kyarumba, this school of 211 children is directed by the Buhunga Thuligahuma Women’s Collective. The region is famous for its views and for the seasonal harvest of grasshoppers, a regional delicacy. BBI initially helped Mother Givers with fresh water access - we funded the construction of a 3-mile pipeline to a clean water source, and a rain-water catchment tank. We provide a nutritious lunch to the students - with goat and chicken meat, and we’re helping them start a chicken farm, that will use revenue to fund school lunches. We constructed a Future Path Classroom, with furniture included; we provided teacher stipend; we delivered Scholastic books and AFRIpads; we sponsored thirteen orphans; we provide a clinic, with medicine and medic.

Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage School - Directed by the Nyakiyumbu Widows Collective, this school of 123 students is in a remote banana-growing rural region near the Congo border. BBI has provided a clinic (with medicine, microscope, medic, and computer for communication), plus we’ve given them food, shoes, sandals, clothes, teacher stipends, and our “Nyakiyumbu Orphan Scholarship” pays tuition, room, & board for selected Nyakiyumbu students to attend Kasese Humanist Primary School.


Mughete Junior School - This primary school of 215 students is adjacent to the road leading into Kyarumba, surrounded by a coffee farm. The students are very-overcrowded in small rooms. BBI has provided a nearby clinic (with medicine and medic salary), plus a newly-constructed brick classroom, with water provided to quench the thirst of the construction crew. We’ve also provided AFRIpads.


Rays of Light Orphanage School - Located on a Kyarumba hill surrounded by banana groves, this school has 246 students. BBI has provided them with a clinic (medic, microscope, and medicine), plus food, Orphan Sponsorships, AFRIpads, a music classroom (shared with Vision Care) and a small amount of teacher stipends.


Vision Care School - Across the river from Kyarumba’s market center, this school of 239 students has been gifted by BBI with a clinic (medic and medicine), a nearby music classroom, a nearby science classroom, a lunch program, a new brick classroom, plus AFRIpads and educational supplies and training.




Bwethe Primary School - Five kilometers uphill from Kyarumba, this Catholic school of 200 students is situated on a Ruwenzori ridge with a panoramic view. BBI gifted them with a clinic (medic and medicine), plus food, educational supplies (maps, textbooks, posters, and teacher training), soccer balls and an electric piano. BBI recently passed on the clinic sponsorship to the Mormon Transhumanist Association.

Kabingo Primary School - High in the steep mountains, accessed only by a 20 kilometer trail from Kyarumba, this Anglican school of 80 children borders Ruwenzori National Park. Its corn fields are frequently raided by chimpanzees at dawn. Malaria is common in the region, also peptic ulcer disease (caused by malnutrition) and parasitic worm infections. BBI provides a clinic (shared with St. Michael’s), plus occasional food and educational supplies.


St. Luke’s Nursery School - Two kilometers outside of Kyarumba on a beautiful trail leading into the foothills of Ruwenzori Mountains, this overcrowded Anglican school of 160 children had a Brighter Brains Institute clinic (medic and medicine) for two years. We’ve also given them occasional lunch food. School is next to an equally over-crowded Primary School.


St. Michael’s Primary School - Seven miles from Kyarumba’s market center, on a “boda-boda” trail by a dangerous river crossed with a rickety bridge, this impoverished Catholic school of 85 students shares a Brighter Brains Institute clinic with Kabingo (see above). Malaria is common in the region, also peptic ulcer disease (caused by malnutrition) and parasitic worm infections.


St. Thomas Nursery School - Located in the heart of Kyarumba, in a room behind St. Thomas Anglican Church, this school of 160 has the BBI-sponsored Living Waters Clinic (medic and medicine), plus we’ve given them occasional lunch food money (corn meal or rice, beans, and vegetables).

Kasanga-Kaghema Orphanage School - Co-owned and co-directed by women, this orphanage school of 226 children is on the outskirts of Kyarumba, on the green edge of the forest. BBI has provided numerous Orphan Sponsorships to pay for tuition, school supplies, and uniforms. We also provided a small bit of lunch food (corn meal, beans, vegetables). In November, 2016 - this school was dismissed as a school we support, for the reasons explained HERE.


Brighter Brains Institute is a 501(c)3 non­profit, tax­exempt organization in the United States. Our EIN is #46­3953105.

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Microfinance in Action - by Biba Kavass & Southwind High School students, Memphis, Tennessee
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