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Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) provides Project Funds, Critical Thinking workshops, Entrepreneur Workshops, and Educational materials to humanist communities around the world, primarily in Subsaharan Africa (Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Cameroon), but also in The Philippines, Haiti, and Appalachia USA.

We also support secular humanist schools, orphanages, clinics, women’s collectives, and community groups, and - in Nigeria - ending the Almajiri system, and aiding refugees from Boko Haram in Borno State.)

Please donate at BrighterBrains.Biz. All contributors get a receipt within 48 hours, and they are cc’d when their funds are delivered. The receipts provide tax deductions to citizens of the United States.

If corruption occurs at any BBI project, we halt funding for 3-12 months, depending on circumstances. During that probationary time, the community needs to provide transparency of its activities. Monthly accounting reports, with copies of receipts, must be sent to BBI every month. Additionally, BBI asks that the corrupt or incompetent director is replaced, and a contract signed by the new director indicating that s/he will work within the guidelines set by BBI.

SMALL PROJECT GRANTS - we provide funding to humanist communities seeking to establish sustainability. Current projects are listed HERE.

CRITICAL THINKING - Our Critical Thinking workshops promote ationality and combat belief in harmful superstitions. The workbook was written by Leo Igwe, PhD, a Nigerian journalist, activist, and secular humanist on our Board of Advisors. Igwe earned his doctorate from the University of Bayreuth in Germany; his dissertation was on witchcraft in Ghana.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP - We provide a 7-Step “iPROSPER” entrepreneur workbook to groups that want improve their business skills. The workshop was co-designed by Masereka Sebastian, an Uganda humanist and successful commercial photographer.

APOSTATE SUPPORT - we offer counseling, advice and hospitality to ex-Muslims, especially in Nigeria.


Pearl Vocational Training College is located in rural Lwengo, near Masaka, in southern Uganda. It was founded in 2014 as a humanist initiative to empower the marginalized and forgotten people including HIV orphaned children, impoverished youth, abandoned and widowed women and young unwed mothers. It is a grassroots community empowerment organization that offers training classes in farming, hairdressing, business, and other vocations. Brighter Brains Institute is helping this group, with the support of other international partners. In 2018 we raises funds for a Vanilla Bean Farm, a Rabbit Farm, and a Women’s Handicrafts Collective.

Act for the Poor Association (APA) is a women’s organisation that started operations in 2012 at Rwensenene in Kagadi district of Central Uganda. The group initially requested BBI for funds for condoms. (They are in a region of Uganda where the influence of witchdoctors and Christian ministers is very strong, and condoms are difficult to obtain.) Brighter Brains Institute sent them funds for condoms—from Martin Kleman—after they completed the requirements of the Critical Thinking workshop and the Entrepreneur workshop. Following that, Brighter Brains launched a successful GoFundMe to provide the women with a Pig Farm.

Katumba Humanist School is located west of Fort Portal in western Uganda, just 10 miles from the Congo border. The director is Irumba Juma SIriwayo, an ex-Muslim who was also disenchanted with the Seventh Day Adventists in his area. After completing the requirement of the Critical thinking Workshop and the Entrepreneur Workshop, the school because eligible for a Small Project grant ($500) for a Mushroom Farm. The funds were raised via an anonymous donor and a GoFundMe in June 2018. Future projects here include an Aloe Vera Farm.

Joy Women’s Group has 22 members, it started in 2014, registered with Nyamwamba division of Kasese district. The group objectives are to escape poverty by working together and avoiding oppression from witchdoctors and male patriarchy. After receiving $200 from the Brighter Brains Institute, the group earned a $500 small project grant, for a Tailoring business. This enterprise was funded by Karen Zelevinsky.

Ruti Women Roadside Vendors is a small collective of six women that sell produce, baskets, and provide salon services in Kwetungura market, on Ruti Road outside the city of Mbarara. After completing the requirements of the Critical Thinking workshop and the iPROSPER Entrepreneur workshop, the group received a $500 project loan for a Pineapple Shop. The funds enable the women to buy pineapples at a wholesale price, thus elevating their profit margin.

Sister Sisters Women’s Collective is in a suburb of Cape Coast, Ghana. They want to assist each other so they can have successful lives. There are 50-60 of them. Their slogan is: Our Life Depends on Us! Women! We Are Born to Win! Women! Brighter Brains Institute is helping them raise funds for a Smoked Fish Business; the primary expenditure is a refrigerator.

Mother Givers Humanist School - Located in Buhanga, seven kilometers uphill from Kyarumba, this school of 211 children is directed by the Buhunga Thuligahuma Women’s Collective. The region is famous for its views and for the seasonal harvest of grasshoppers, a regional delicacy. BBI initially helped Mother Givers with fresh water access - we funded the construction of a 3-mile pipeline to a clean water source, and a rain-water catchment tank. We provide a nutritious lunch to the students - with goat and chicken meat, and we’re helping them start a chicken farm, that will use revenue to fund school lunches. We constructed a Future Path Classroom, with furniture included; we provided teacher stipend; we delivered Scholastic books and AFRIpads; we sponsored thirteen orphans; we provide a clinic, with medicine and medic.

Kanungu Humanist School - is located south of the other BBI humanist schools, near the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The town was the site of a horrific, religious cult “Jonestown” tragedy in 2000, when over 1,000 people burned to death, trapped inside a church. BBI has provided this community with Tomato Farm, Tilapia Pond, Passion Fruit Orchard, Soybean Farm, Potato Farm, Freethinker Library, plus aid to orphans, poor families, and awards to excellent humanist scholars.

Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage School (on probation) - Directed by the Nyakiyumbu Widows Collective, this school of 123 students is in a remote banana-growing rural region near the Congo border. BBI provided a clinic, plus food, shoes, sandals, clothes, teacher stipends. Our “Nyakiyumbu Orphan Scholarship” paid tuition, room, & board for selected Nyakiyumbu students to attend Kasese Humanist Primary School. Recently, we have provided Nyakiyumbu with a Peanut Farm, and a Cassava Grinding Mill.


Kanyenze Humanist Primary School & Kanyenze Girls Humanist Orphanage - Rural school with 116 students, 5 kilometers distance from Kyarumba, directed by the Kanyenze Women’s Group. We have provided start-up funds for “A. Philip Randolph Clinic” - named after the African-American humanist. Plus we’ve delivered educational materials (textbooks, maps, posters) and training to the teachers, startup funds for a school business, a motorcycle repair shop in Kyarumba Trading Centre. Kanyenze Humanist Orphanage was launched in March, 2017 - it shelters 14 girls and 12 boys - they all attend Kanyenze Humanist Primary School.

BiZoHa Humanist Orphanage & School - Brick-by-brick, BBI built this “world’s first atheist orphanage” in Muhokya, with funds raised initially via a GoFundMe campaign. The BiZoHa project constructed nine classrooms, plus administrative center, kitchen, dining room, separate living quarters for girl and boy orphans, clinic, and roadside stand. Additional funds were raised for classroom furniture, solar panels, rainwater catchment tanks, refrigerator, AFRIpads, Scholastic books, orphan sponsorships (paying for tuition, uniforms, lunch food, and school supplies), day scholar sponsorships, shoes, clothes, medicine, medic, orphan caretakers, security wall, security gate, postage for correspondence, and a tractor (to harvest the accompanying 7 acre farm). BiZoHa has 175 students.

Kasese Humanist Secondary School - In December, 2016, BBI launched a campaign to built classrooms for a secondary school that would operate adjacent to Kasese Humanist Primary School. Our campaign raised funds for two classrooms (Brighter Brains Classroom and Pellissier Science Classroom), and we convinced two other groups to also provide funding for classrooms (Atheist Community of San Jose Classroom and Halton-Hell Humanist Community Classroom. Funds were also raised for classroom furniture. The new school will start January 30, 2017 (First Term) and we anticipate that it will be an excellent place to send students who previously attention our humanist primary schools.

Kasese Humanist Primary School - Established in 2011 by Bwambale Robert Musubaho, KHPS is the first humanist school in the province and an inspiration for BBI’s humanist activities. Located in the 70,000 population city of Kasese, the school has 324 students. We help KHPS with a clinic (we pay for the medic and medicine) and an after-school Creativity Class, with an electric piano and video camera. We also provided shoes, clothes, kikoy dresses, Day Scholar and Orphan Scholarships, and funds for Kasese Freethinkers Sports Academy (equipment and uniforms).

Kahendero Nursery & Primary Humanist School - We built this preschool and later - a primary school - from the ground up, constructing three classrooms, administrative center, kitchen/dining room, and clinic. Location is only 1.5 kilometers from BiZoHa. Kahendero is a fishing village on Lake George; the community is afflicted with crime, drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, gambling, AIDS and cholera. The school opened on June 15, 2016, with 22 students. Attendance is expected to reach 100.


Brighter Brains Institute is a 501(c)3 non­profit, tax­exempt organization in the United States. Our EIN is #46­3953105.

The conception and birth of BiZoHa: the world’s first atheist orphanage - by Hank Pellissier
The conception and birth of BiZoHa: the world’s first atheist orphanage - by Hank Pellissier
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