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Goals & Partners is the website of the Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) - a non-profit charitable organization in Piedmont, California. Our 501c3 status is Here / Our EIN is #46-3953105

We provide project funding, critical thinking workshops, and entrepreneur training to [primarily] SubSaharan African communities, primarily orphanages, schools and women’s collectives. We also promote secular humanism via college scholarships, medical clinics, and apostate support. We operate in Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya, plus The Philippines, Haiti, and Appalachia (USA).

Our Critical Thinking workshop was designed by Leo Igwe, a Nigerian secular humanist & skeptic. Our Entrepreneur Workshop was largely designed by Masereka Sebastian, an Ugandan humanist.

If you are an organization interested in our mission, our guidelines for partnering are HERE.

BBI is a member of The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU). Humanism advocates the goodness of human beings, and seeks rational ways to solve human problems. The schools we help provide humanist lectures to the children, based on The Code for Global Ethics: Ten Humanist Principles. BBI has helped 16 schools, plus we’ve started 15 clinics, and two orphanages.

Our Africa Humanist History:

2014 Brighter Brains provided support to Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda.

2015 Brighter Brains constructed - brick by brick - BiZoHa Orphanage Humanist School, and Kahendero Nursery Humanist School.

2016 several schools in Kasese district expressed interest in humanism; BBI helped them with their needs. We achieved a partnership with Kanyenze Humanist School and Mother Givers Humanist School, in Buhanga.

2017 Kanungu Humanist Primary School and Pearl Vocational Training College became our partners, plus ten humanist women’s groups.

2018 - We support “Island of Hope Humanist School” in Kenya, and Lalafofofo in Tanzania; we launch the Nigerian Humanist Policy Centre, to end the Almajiri system in northern Nigeria, and help refugees displaced by Boko Haram, in Borno state; we launch our Critical Thinking and Entrepreneur workshops, in Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and The Philippines.


Brighter Brains raises funds via GoFundMe, Facebook, our email list, and partnerships with other irreligious groups. Info on how to donate HERE.

Questions? email or phone 415-309-3505.

Partners and groups we support are listed below.


Brighter Brains Institute is a 501(c)3 non­profit, tax­exempt organization in the United States. Our EIN is #46­3953105.

There Was No Jesus, There Is No God
There Was No Jesus, There Is No God
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Philippine Tribal Children Drinking DIY Soylent from Brighter Brains Institute
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