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The World’s First Atheist Orphanage Has Launched a Crowdfunding Campaign -

BiZoHa Orphanage, “the world’s first atheist orphanage,” has launched a crowd-funding campaign to build a godless safe haven for homeless children in Kasese, Uganda… many lost their parents to AIDS…

BiZoHa is groundbreaking secular orphanage - FreeThought Today (page 11)

Is every orphanage operated by a religious organization? Nope. Not anymore. Brighter Brains Institute - a think-and-do tank in San Fransico’s East Bay - is launching BiZoHa, the world’s first atheist orphanage, in Muhokya, near the Rwenzori Mountains, by the Congo border.

Piedmont High students paint to help Ugandan orphans - The Piedmonter

Seventeen Piedmont High School students joined forces with the Piedmont nonprofit Brighter Brains Institute to bring smiles to the faces of Uganda orphans. The students in Gillian Bailey’s art class made bright portraits of the children based off pictures of the youngsters taken in their rural village of Buhanga, which is only accessible by hiking. 13 percent of the children in the region are orphans.

Africa gets its first humanist bookstore and Internet cafe - The Freethinker

I WAS delighted to learn this week that the San Francisco-based Better Brains Institute has opened Africa’s First humanist bookstore and Internet cafe in Uganda. insists that of Africa needs humanism “to combat superstition; to promote scientific thinking; to alleviate violence between Christians and Muslims; and to oppose the lethal dogmas of religion (anti-condoms, homophobia).”

Humanists Doing Good in Uganda - Psychology Today

Many people think of atheists or secular humanists as hot-headed curmudgeons who do nothing but sit around mocking religious people and deconstructing arguments for the existence of God. Others associate atheism or secularism with immorality. Both characterizations of the non-religious are false; they are baseless stereotypes, predicated on anecdotal evidence and little else.

Humanist Group Expands Outreach - Winnipeg Free Press

For the past 20 years, the Humanists, Atheists & Agnostics of Manitoba (HAAM) have been working to better their community and connect with others. Now the group is expanding its efforts to Uganda where they contribute to a primary school.

Interview with Bwambale Robert Musubaho - Psychology Today One of the leading Humanists today in Uganda is Bwambale Robert Musubaho, who runs several Humanist schools and orphanages in the country.I recently interviewed Bwambale and Humanism in Uganda, and his specific work there. Phil Zuckerman: Can you tell me about your work with Humanist schools and orphanages in Uganda?

“Humanist Missionaries” Secularize Africa via Children’s Education - Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology

Africa is the world’s most religious continent. Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) seeks to counter that, by establishing and supporting secular “humanist” schools in the region. First stop: western Uganda, in the Ruwenzori Mountains…

Atheist Ugandan Orphanage Beats Back Superstition and Zealotry With Science -

“I decided to be a humanist because I failed to get convincing answers to the questions I was asking myself,” Bwambale Robert Musubaho tells Inverse. “My role as a human being, my destiny…”

Please help fund an atheist nursery school in Uganda - The Freethinker Bulletin

...a California-based organization called the Brighter Brains Institute has launched a funding campaign to establish a new atheist preschool school… in Kahendero – a fishing village on the shores of Lake George…

Non-Profit planning “Piedmont Classroom” in Uganda - San Jose Mercury News

The Brighter Brains Institute - a non-profit based in Piedmont - is raising funds to build a classroom dedicated to this small city an ocean away - in the rural hills of Uganda. ‘BBI’ is planning a fundraiser - with barbecued goat - to build a ‘Piedmont Classroom’ out of handmade bricks Total cost $1,000

Joycelyn Elders Clinic at Uganda Humanist School offers Sex Education, Free Condoms, AFRIpads - Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology

“Joycelyn Elders Clinic” was recently launched to serve the 329 students attending Garama Humanist Secondary School in the village of Kisinga, in western Uganda.

Transhumanist Hank Pellissier on Being an “Atheist Missionary” - The Humanist

Change is putting vision into practice. Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) is presently engaged in western Uganda, helping sixteen schools that we either built or financially support. Eleven of these are humanist schools.

The Internet’s most ridiculed atheists are trying to improve their image - Daily Dot

Reddit’s atheist community [is] described by Vice as “the most annoying demographic on the Internet… But sometimes r/atheism rises above that tarnished image—like when they bring clean water to a school in Uganda.

Non-Profit is Building “Piedmont Classroom” in Uganda - The Piedmonter (also HERE)

Brighter Brains Institute is building a classroom for Mother Givers Humanist School in Uganda… their proposed brick structure will be a huge improvement over the current mud-and-branches hut…

BiZoHa Orphanage - “With Science, We Can Progress! - My Secret Atheist Blog

...absolutely astounding progress made at BiZoHa orphanage in Uganda! The project to build a secular orphanage in Uganda… in just four months has made remarkable advances…

Update on the ongoing works at Kahendero - Atheist Nexus

On this two-acre site between Lake George and Queen Elizabeth National Park there is a small clinic built with funds from a generous women in the United Kingdom. “Jane Shrimpton Clinic” will serve the medical needs of school children and local people in the Kahendero Fishing village area.

Secular Education in Uganda - Share A Slice Podcast

Sean McGuire - aka “the godless poutine” - talks with Hank Pellissier about all the amazing charity work the Brighter Brains Institute is doing in Uganda to further secular education.


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Living the Secular Life - by Phil Zuckerman
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