June 19, 2018

Public Speaking and Consulting with Bryce A. Lynch

Bryce Alexander Lynch is presently an information security researcher and practitioner active in the cryptocurrency field. Previously, he has worked as a security researcher and assessor, penetration tester, and security analyst for the public, private, and federal sectors.

Active fields: INFOSEC, OSINT, COMSEC, 3D printing, open source hardware and software, amateur radio, blogging, semi-autonomous software agents, citizen journalism, community and emergency wireless mesh networks

Bryce’s professional career began at the age of fourteen when he designed and built databases for 501(c)(3) non-profits over summer break. He later ventured into the information security field, doing everything from vulnerability research, analysis and policy writing, to penetration testing and security assessment for clients in the private, public, and federal sectors. He has taught classes (professionally and on a volunteer basis) on cryptography, wireless network security, COMSEC (communications security), and OPSEC (operational security). Some of these classes were at and in addition to organizing the first Washington, DC Cryptoparty in 2012; some of these classes were taught to small groups of citizen journalists covering the Arab Spring.

Outside of the office he is one of the core developers of Project Byzantium (http://project-byzantium.org/), a live distribution of Linux for rapidly and easily setting up ad-hoc wireless mesh networks to replace or extend damaged communications infrastructure during emergencies. Subsequently, the Project Byzantium core team was deployed by FEMA to Brooklyn, New York to assist the community and first response teams after Hurricane Sandy when prevailing conditions made field communications unreliable.

Bryce is a consulting OSINT analyst for the hacktivist group Telecomix (http://telecomix.org/), and helped assist protestors and analyze evolving situations (both online and offline) during the Arab Spring. He counts Agent Cameron as a personal friend. Bryce has spoken at several hacker conferences, including Hackers On Planet Earth and CarolinaCon about Project Byzantium and hacktivist involvement in the Arab Spring. He is also an active member of the Zero State (http://socialfuturism.net/affiliates/zero-state-zs/) where he assists where and how he can. In recent years, Bryce has begun integrating a framework of semi-autonomous software agents, codenamed Project Exocortex, much more tightly into his everyday life for secretarial, business and OSINT gathering purposes.

Bryce is a long-time blogger at Antarctica Starts Here (http://drwho.virtadpt.net/) where he writes about information security, 3D printing, biotechnology, computing, and open source technologies. He is currently preparing his first book, _Turtles All the Way Down: More Trustworthy Computing In the Age of Paranoia_, which is derived from his research of the same name.

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