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Home / Mission is the media outlet for the Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) – a “Think-and-Do Tank” / Policy Advocacy Center / Charitable Service. We believe brain functionality can be elevated and we promote innovations, research, health, education, and humanitarian policies that advance human cognition and compassion. Our primary three focuses from September 2014-September 2015 will be Humanitarian Aid, Senior Fitness, and Global Existential Risks.

We provide brain health and educational assistance to the “poorest of the poor” via three programs listed below. Our work on these projects in accomplished via close collaboration with other charitable organizations, such as the Mormon Transhumanist Association; Biba Kavass’s Economics students at Southwind High School in Memphis, Tennessee; Pastor Alex McGilvery and his United Church of Canada congregation in Flin Flon, Manitoba; and many, many others.

Our African Education Projects provides assistance to several small schools in Uganda – especially for AIDS orphans and abandoned children. We sponsor a child at Kasese Humanist Primary School, we built a “Genesis Chicken Farm” to feed and economically support 27 orphans and abandoned children at COISER Orphanage in Jinja (photo at right); we pay school tuitions for 6 orphans in Rwenzori; we buy tools for a Carpentry Workshop for AIDS Orphans in Kyarumba; we set up Swing Sets in rural areas for schools and orphanages; and we’re establishing a Computer Training School in Masaka, with affordable tuition, staffed by a woman educated in an orphanage.

Our Mangyan Assistance Project funds a community school of indigenous Alangan Mangyan people on Mindoro island in The Philippines. We sponsor 35 children enrolled in the school; we raised funds to “De-Worm” 140 Mangyan children (special thanks to Ted Peters), and we shipped them $380 worth of DIY-Soylent, obtained from powdered Additional goals are to purchase hens for an Egg-Laying Project, and to install new filters and pipe for a Clean Water Project. BBI members helped the Mangyan in previous years by purchasing agricultural land, mailing food and clothes, and providing funding for seeds, tools, food, and school supplies.

Our Lakota Oglala Sioux Project will assist this tribe on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. BBI efforts there are led by Biba Kavass, one of our “Active Fellows” who is an award-winning teacher of Economics at Southwind High School in Memphis, Tennessee. In conjunction with tribal leaders at Pine Ridge the Brighter Brains Institute will combat the diabetes on the reservation, by 1) building small-scale community gardens, 2) educating individuals with the help of agricultural experts on viable farming in their inhospitable terrain, 3) purchase a large commercial walk-in refrigeration unit to be utilized to sustain fruit and vegetables in various forms over the harsh winter months, 4) build and maintain a green-house utilizing solar power that belongs to the community and has community involvement.

We support the St. Lucia Project of Global Volunteers that promotes brain health on the Caribbean island, and we support the great work of Microfinance in Action students at Southwind High School, in Memphis, Tennessee.

BBI promotes small projects ($500-$5,000) that benefit children and adult mental health and educational needs.

Additional areas of interest are neuroscience, education, effective parenting, social justice, humanism, artificial intelligence, transhumanism.

From September 2013-December 2014, Brighter Brains Institute produced these conferences:

Radical Life Extension – Are You Ready To Live 1,000 Years?Washington D.C., September 22, 2013.

TRANSHUMAN VISIONS – Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, February 1, 2014.

TRANSHUMAN VISIONS 2.0 EAST BAY – Piedmont Veteran’s Hall, Piedmont (East Bay) March 1, 2014

EROS EVOLVING: the Future of Love, Sex, Marriage, and BeautyPiedmont Veteran’s Hall, Piedmont (East Bay) April 5, 2014

Transumanism and Religion – Piedmont Veteran’s Hall, Piedmont (East Bay) May 10, 2014

Global Catastrophic Risks and Radical Futures – Piedmont Veteran’s Hall, Piedmont (East Bay) June 14, 2014

Brighter Brains – The Future of Emotional Health and Intelligence – Parsons Hall, Berkeley, July 26, 2014

Artificial Intelligence and The SingularityPiedmont Veteran’s Hall, Piedmont (East Bay) September 20, 2014


We offer a Certificate in Brain Health & Social Policy a Certificate in Global Poverty: Causes and Solutions and a Certificate in Transhumanism


Brighter Brains Institute Promotes 10 Neuro-Supportive Positions:

1) We want to end the crippling factors that cause brain damage in disadvantaged populations. We support efforts like the St. Lucia Project and our African Education Projects and Mangyan Assistance Project. (see above)

2) We want 100% Free Education from Preschool –College PhDs, MDs, etc – plus after-school and summer school programs. We believe schooling should be civic-supported.

3) We want to reform sports that cause brain damagefor example, tackle football, boxing, mixed martial arts.

4) We promote Neuro-Healthy Diets and Exercise – we want taxation on unhealthy foodstuffs like sugar and sodas, and we support nutritious school breakfast/lunch/dinner programs

5) We want free SAT/SSAT tutoring for working and middle class communities, to increase their chances of college admittance. We offer our own sliding scale SSAT/SAT service.

6) We support research that combats Alzheimer’s Disease, and innovative treatment programs such as the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project and DON’T FORGET ME

7) We support Free Genetic Counseling and Testing, and we want brain health information provided to communities, especially pregnant women and families – on topics like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Lead Poisoning, child abuse, and breast-feeding

8) We want to End Solitary Confinement in prison

9) We support decriminalization of “Psychotropic Drugs” that offer mental health benefits, i.e., neurogenesis, and alleviation of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, addiction.

10) We support Biohackers, Humanism, Transhumanism, Radical Life Extension

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