May 20, 2018

Certificate in Transhumanism

Brighter Brains Institute is hosting an exciting and unique Certificate in Transhumanism course.


1. Introduction – Students answer Transhumanist Survey questions + examine results of this extensive poll, to see how they “fit” into transhumanism

2. Background Studies – Students read 20 transhumanist essays (from a selection of 100+). Students provide short summaries/critiques of the 20 essays (this helps certificate instructors determine the student’s interests).

3. Publication – students compose four carefully-researched reports. The essays need to be 1,000-2,000 words in length, with footnotes or hyperlinks, and references. When the essays are completed, they’re published at a transhumanist website. Certificate instructors assist students in research and writing.

4. Visual Propaganda + Social Impact. Students create either a 2 minute video on a transhumanist topic, or 3 jpeg “memes.” Technical instruction is provided. Final products are displayed on a transhumanist website. Students also learn to use multiple social media – how to “drive traffic” via reddit, etc.

5. Summary – A 500 word summary written by the student, describing what they learned about transhumanism and how they intend to incorporate and promote its values.

6. Certificate is awarded, with signatures, that describe what the graduate accomplished.


1. A book that contains advice on how to increase mental capacity.

2. Introductions to editors and publishers of futurist and transhumanist websites.


Queries can be sent to, and tuition can be sent via PayPal, to Talking to a “live person” is also possible, just leave your phone number and Skype number at the email above, with a convenient time to reach you.

The cost of the Certificate Program is $125


  • Hank Pellissier
    Hank PellissierActive Fellow

    Hank Pellissier – Brain health writer at, columnist at,NYTimes, and, author of Brighter Brains: 225 ways to elevate or injure IQ. Produced the Atheist Film Festival, ex-Managing Director of Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology. Bio here. (President)

  • Kevin Russell
    Kevin RussellActive Fellow

    Kevin Russell, is a transhumanist, philosopher, futurist, researcher, lecturer, founder of Simulet, and the Executive Director of Serious Wonder. Kevin enjoys educating and debating the optimistic side of technology, and humanity.

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