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Brighter Brains Institute is a “Think-and-Do” Tank in Piedmont, California, composed of writers, researchers, and activists. We presently conduct humanitarian campaigns in Uganda and The Philippines. Earlier charitable endeavors by our directors were in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kenya, Madagascar, Burma, Cambodia, Nigeria, Tanzania, and India.

We feed AIDS orphans and indigenous people, we provide schooling to impoverished children and adults, we instigate health interventions like parasite-cleansing, we encourage developing economies via importation of their products.


We help students broaden their knowledge of Africa’s poverty and to advocate and enact change as part of the global community.


Our course provides students with:

(a) required reading materials;
(b) opportunity to research and write 4 papers to be published on the Brighter Brains Institute website
(c) determination of viable solutions to eradicate poverty.

Our aim is to impart understanding of the factors that create Africa’s poverty, and to present viable solutions, replacing it with economic sustainability.

Students who complete the assignments and write the four papers will be awarded with a Certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation from their mentor, a Brighter Brains Institute “Active Fellow.”



Students select an African nation or region to examine. They write four 1,500 word essays on the causes of poverty in each nation, with viable solutions. The student’s mentor edits it and the article is published at

Student essays will be considered for publication in a forthcoming anthology of Brighter Brains Institute essays.

(Option) Students who launch a crowd fund campaign for a humanitarian cause can substitute this important work for 1-2 papers.


Course is offered online via communication with our Active Fellows, who serve as student mentors.


Course is available to any individual worldwide who is involved, or would like to be involved, in global issues, humanitarian aid, economics, social work, microfinance, and international relations.


The course fee is $125 USD ($25 of the tuition fee is donated to Brighter Brains Institute programs in Uganda)

To ask questions or register, email


  • Biba Kavass
    Biba Kavassactive fellow
  • Bwambale Robert Musubaho
    Bwambale Robert Musubahoactive fellow
  • Hank Pellissier
    Hank PellissierActive Fellow
  • Roger D. Hansen
    Roger D. HansenActive Fellow


    What is Poverty? (Contributing Factors)
    Poverty at Large: A Dark Spot in Humanity
    Causes of Poverty
    What Causes Global Poverty?
    Factors of Poverty – The Big Five

    Poverty and Hunger
    2014 Global Hunger Index by the International Food Policy Research Institute
    Ten Years of the Right to Food Guidelines: Gains, Concerns and Struggles – by The Right To Food and Nutrition Watch
    The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014 – FAO (Foo and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

    Poverty and Global Economies
    Toward the End of Poverty
    Fighting Poverty With Economics

    Poverty and Health
    Poverty and Health Sector Inequalities
    Key Facts: Poverty and Poor Health
    Brain Cripplers in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Poverty and Gender Inequality
    Challenging Women’s Poverty
    UN Women

    Poverty and Education
    Poverty and Education

    Poverty and Environment
    Poverty, Socio-Political Factors an Degradation of the Environment

    Poverty and Youth
    Poverty, Gender and Youth
    The Role of Young People in Poverty Reduction
    Thinking about youth poverty through the lenses of chronic poverty, life-course poverty and intergenerational poverty

    United Nation Millennium Development Goals
    The Millennium Development Goals 2014
    Millennium Development Goal Progress Chart 2014
    Millennium Development Goal Gender Chart 2014

    Role of Microfinance in Eradicating Poverty
    Senegal Development Report – by Maliq Brewster
    Microfinance: A Tool for Poverty Reduction?
    “Resilence” – Microcredit Summit Campaign 2014 Report

    Effective Altruism
    The Why and How of Effective Altruism by Peter Singer (TEDTalk)

    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Poverty Solutions
    Powerful Solutions to Poverty
    Can Technology End Poverty?
    Why Aid Does Work
    Solutions to World Poverty – a look at the basic answers
    To Beat Back Poverty, Pay the Poor

    Combatting Poverty at its Roots

    Ten Solutions to Poverty
    What a Concept: Alleviating Poverty by Giving Money to the Poor
    Can Aid Bring an End to Poverty?
    How Can We Help the World’s Poor?
    Ending Poverty Requires More Than Growth
    What Can Governments Do to End Poverty? (TED conversation)
    Alleviating Poverty in Asia: Separating Fact From Fiction
    Combatting Poverty at its Roots

    Creating Empathy and Attaining Anti-Poverty Goals via Social Media

    other crowd funding sites

    Grant Writing and Individual Donors (Individual research required)

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