May 28, 2018

Brighter Brains

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Brighter Brains Institute is a “Think-and-Do” Tank in Piedmont, California, composed of writers, researchers, and activists. We presently conduct humanitarian campaigns in Uganda and The Philippines. Earlier charitable endeavors by our directors were in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Kenya, Madagascar, Burma, Cambodia, Nigeria, Tanzania, and India.

We feed AIDS orphans and indigenous people, we provide schooling to impoverished children and adults, we instigate health interventions like parasite-cleansing, we encourage developing economies via importation of their products.

Certificate in Transhumanism

Certificate in Transhumanism

Brighter Brains Institute is hosting an exciting and unique Certificate in Transhumanism course.

Certificate in Brain Health & Social Policy

Certificate in Brain Health & Social Policy

Brighter Brains Institute offers a unique Certificate in Brain Health & Social Policy

The goal of the certificate is to:

1) inform students of the numerous factors that influence brain health,

2) convey solutions that promote brain health,

3) encourage students to become “brain health activists” – both globally and within their communities.

Certificate in “Eradicating Global Poverty”

Certificate in “Eradicating Global Poverty”

We help students broaden their knowledge of global poverty and to advocate and enact change as part of the global community.


Our course provides students with:

(a) required reading materials;
(b) opportunity to research and write 4 papers to be published on the Brighter Brains Institute website
(c) determination of viable solutions to eradicate poverty.

Our aim is to impart understanding of the factors that create global poverty, and to present viable solutions that eradicate poverty, replacing it with economic sustainability worldwide.

Students who complete the assignments and write the four papers will be awarded with a Certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation from their mentor, a Brighter Brains Institute “Active Fellow.”

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