May 20, 2018

Brighter Brains Speakers Bureau

Brighter Brains Institute produced eight conferences in 2013-2014 on futurist topics – in San Francisco, Washington DC, Berkeley and Piedmont.

Conference titles included “Eros Evolving: The Future of Love, Sex, Marriage and Beauty,” “Global Existential Risks & Radical Futures”, “Indefinite Life Extension – are you ready to live 1,000 years?”, “Brighter Brains: The Future of Emotional Health and Intelligence”, “The Future of Religion”, “Artificial Intelligence & The Singularity” and two conferences on wide-ranging Transhumanist themes.

We presented over 100 speakers – scientists, philosophers, fiction writers, activists, outlaw biohackers – visionary citizens from the USA, Russia, Norway, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, South Africa, and Mexico.

Our excellent speakers are eager to share their expertise with the public, and we’re happy to promote them to all open-minded Universities, Think Tanks, and corporations seeking Keynote speakers, lecturers, panelists, moderators, educators, and workshop leaders.

If you have any questions about our superb lineup of public intellectuals, please contact

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