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Zelevinzky Classroom Update #5

Posted: Wed, September 23, 2015 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert

Plastering Zelevinsky Classroom in is motion and the front side is complete. In very few days i will be shuttering the classroom plus adding a coat of Orange paint…

I got a set back on the 3 single units where a heavy storm came and swept the top as i had not shuttered the 3 doors but the extend of damage was not all that big, there was a loss of only 3 iron sheets damaged and hope to replace the roof top on more weeks a head. Both the rafters and the roofing sheets are now kept waiting for our roofer to re do the exercise. The walls were not damaged at all.

...Zelevinsky classroom has been shuttered with metallic windows and a door. Plastering works on the gable sides is in motion.Bwambale


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