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Your Child’s Brain on Technology: Tablets

Posted: Fri, April 25, 2014 | By:

by Hank Pellissier

How do e-readers and tablets compare to good ole print-on-paper books when it comes to learning? Here’s what the latest research shows:

Book lovers, make room for tablets

Are you an old-fashioned reader who thinks “dead-tree” books are superior because shiny iPad and eBook screens are annoying and alien? It may be time to adjust your attitude. According to some experts, many children’s brains assimilate information from an electronic page just as quickly as they do from paper.

A 2013 study used EEG and eye-tracking measures to test whether reading from digital media required more effort than reading conventional books. The result? Subjective preferences aside, effort and comprehension levels were the same in both mediums. Another test, from University of Pavia, Italy, examined readers using desktop PCs, iPad tablets, Kindle e-readers -— and printed books. This report concluded that reading behavior with all devices was very similar to reading the old-fashioned way.

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