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Women in Need of Fistula Surgery. Case #3: Nakinkunda Edith

Posted: Tue, August 02, 2016 | By: Women

by Nadeya Stella, director of MIWODI (Mitooma Womens Dignity Foundation)

Nakinkunda Edith 17 years of Kasese, had fistula at first birth because she had unwanted pregnancy, she wanted to do abortion using local herbs but it failed because she couldn’t go to the health facility due fear of parents.

She moved to stay with a friend away from home until the pregnancy was 9 months.

She had no money and no care. she decided to look for Traditional birth attendant who injured her where the anus and the bladder were injured too.

The challenge is that urine keeps on leaking and stinking, flies are her best friends and people don’t want to reach near, she pads using cloths, she has been in the situation for 1 year.

All her friends have denied her.

If she is be helped, she needs surgery, medication, accommodation, feeding and transport to and from the facility where she can meet the surgeon.

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