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Women in Need of Fistula Surgery. Case #2: Gorretti Yonganyaryo

Posted: Tue, August 02, 2016 | By: Garama Secondary Humanist School

by Nadeya Stella, director of MIWODIF (Mitooma Women’s Dignity Foundation)

Gorretti Yonganyaryo, 58 years from Mitooma, got fistula at 7th birth and the challenge was that the child was big and she had complicated birth and was due to the fact that old woman tried to produce from home using Traditional birth attendant.

She has been with this situation for 18 years while leaking urine.

She uses pieces of cloths for padding.

She is ok with the husband but the problem is that she keeps stinking and flies keeps on moving around her and that the condition is worse.

She says, she can never wish any woman to use TBAs. (Traditional Birth Attendant)

If she is be to helped, she need surgery, medication, accommodation, feeding and transport to and from the facility where she can meet the surgeon.

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