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Women in Need of Fistula Surgery. Case #1: Masika Jovia

Posted: Tue, August 02, 2016 | By: Women

by Nadeya Stella, director of MIWODIF (Mitooma Women’s Dignity Foundation)

Masika Jovia 21 years From Kasese was affected by Fistula because of trying to deliver from home that the husband did not have money to pay at hospital.

She was helped by Traditional birth attendant (TBA).

By the time she was taken to hospital the bladder had been injured, also the child had died and so the urine keeps on moving at any time any minute and this has taken her 4 months now.

She says the community has taken her as social misfit, the husband has also abandoned her, and the family members too and also she feels like killing herself because it is becoming too much on her, she can not attend any social function.

She is using piece of cloths for padding herself but she keeps on changing every after 10-15 minutes and the cloths do burn her from her private parts.

She is kindly requesting well wishers to help her come out of the bad situation.

If she is to be helped, she needs surgery, medication, accommodation, feeding and transport to and from the facility where she can meet the surgeon.


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