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Wish List for Mangyans:  chickens, anti-parasite medication, clean water, student sponsorships

Posted: Mon, April 28, 2014 | By: Philippines

by Rosalina M. Valenton

This is a list of what we need for the San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy, that serves the Alangyan Mangyan of Mindoro:

ANTI-PARASITE MEDICATION - most of the Mangyans have lice and intestinal worms, especially the children.

Many Mangyans Young and Old have TUBERCULOSIS and many suffer from DIARRHEA.

To avoid diarrhea, we need a good source of water, plus good hygiene and cleanliness must be implemented in the community. We need a Health Seminar with Invited Guests, plus money for food and a speakers honorarium. We need 2-3 guests speakers. Amount allotted for honorarium and food is 3,000.00 pesos. Food for the community (300 participants - Mangyan Elders Male and Female). Funds for food for 300 persons for 1 lunch, 1 dinner and 1 snack is 30,000.00 pesos.

Plus - we need a good source of water - the community needs a stronger better tube, which will cost about 40,000 - 50,000.00 pesos for the rehabilitation of the water system in the mountain.


The only source of water in the village is a natural small spring at the foot of Mount Halcon. The Mangyan elders constructed a rough cemented water reservoir on the spring and fixed with plastic tube. From this they constructed another small water reservoir connected with small tube dimension, that supplies water in the whole village including the school.

Those water reservoirs were not covered with roof. Both were totally exposed to rainwater, fallen dried leaves from the trees and eggs of parasites; and we presumed that those were the root causes of diarrhea and intestinal problems of the villagers particularly children. The water is always mixed with tiny bits of soil most especially on rainy days.

At present there are plenty of holes in the PVC pipe and it and needs replacement; To end the diarrhea and other intestinal parasites problems in the community the above PVC’s must be replaced with;

a. 3 tubes (plastic or steel) of 20 feet = 60 feet for the main source of water

b. 2,000 meter pvc plastic tube #2 from the main source going to the community

c. a new tank 4x4 water reservoir with roof

This can be done by “Bayanihan System” the villagers can fix this themselves.

There are nutritional deficiencies in our community - this is the main problem- VERY POOR NUTRITION - they lack iron, iodine, protein and most of all fat.

It is good to provide them with eggs but it is much better to provide them with a chicken that will give them egg.


and we need 33 Students Sponsored at San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy

To support us, please contact

USA Associate Director Hank Pellissier at:

Or send funds by Western Union, to: Ms. Rosalina M. Valenton / Director: San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy, Calapan City / 226 Ubas St., Lalud, Calapan City / Oriental Mindoro, Philippines, 5200 - Contact No. Landline (school) (043) 286-7184—Mobile: 09205073378


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