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WHY AM A HUMANIST By Irumba Juma Siriwayo

Posted: Wed, May 23, 2018 | By: Humanism

I believe that this is the only life of which I have certain knowledge and that I owe it to myself and others to make it the best life possible for myself and all with whom I share this fragile planet.

I believe that human beings have made society what it is - the good and the bad.

I believe in a humanistic philosophy and values that reflect a belief in human dignity and science — but not religion. I believe in humanistic philosophy which refers to a few specific ideas.

I am a humanistic thinker not religious; i don’t believe in a god or gods.

I like to provide compassionate care without discrimination.

I don’t believe in witchcraft.

Irumba Juma Siriwayo

There are three other reasons why I am a Humanist:

1. The Seventh Day Adventists wanted me to train all their pastors in the Rwenzori region of Uganda on the health benefits of medicinal plants and their scientific use. But before I could start the program, I was asked if I possessed a baptism card, even though I was training them voluntarily, without pay.

I was stigmatized because I was not baptized. Because of this I left the program, and this prompted me to become a strong humanist.

2. Also, I am from a Moslem background but most projects through the mosque where I used to pray only help people who are not needy - they ignore the needy persons.

My mother is a widow looking after 8 orphans. Opportunities have come through the mosque to benefit widows and orphans but because of high discrimination, she had never benefitted at any time.

3. All her life, my mother has struggled working in people’s gardens to meet the basic needs of her children including food, medical care, school fees. She is renting her house now - because the so-called “Christian” family members sold all the land that belonged to my father, and left her with nothing.

It is is from all this background that I chose to become a humanist .

(Irumba Juma Siriwayo is co-ordinator of Katumba Parents Primary School - a humanist school)


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