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What is Brighter Brains Institute looking for in a Project Proposal?

Posted: Wed, September 21, 2016 | By: Misc./BBI

Below is a list of what BBI is looking for from project proposals submitted by the humanist schools:

1. The proposals should have the ability to raise enough money to fund the school clinic, plus ideally enough to fund good lunches for the kids.

2. Proposals should not cost too much. We need to see a good return for the kids for the amount it costs us to fund the project.

3. The proposal needs to be self sustaining, so that it will continue to pay for the clinic and lunches for many years.

4. The best proposals will include a lot of local participation. The more volunteer work by the teachers, students, and parents makes a project have a better chance of succeeding. If the school needs to pay someone to look after animals, and pay for the place to keep them, it makes the proposal less attractive and brings less money to support the clinic and lunches. Try to get good participation by the communities, teachers, and students, to keep the cost down.

5. Proposals should be managed by the school and have good school involvement. The idea is to have the school operate the proposal as a business, to earn more money for the school, to pay for the clinic and food for the kids. A benefit of this is that it also helps teach the kids a skill that they may not get otherwise.


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