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Western Uganda Women Humanist Conference: Report + Attendance List

Posted: Sun, January 29, 2017 | By: Humanism

by Biira Cathy

Women of western Uganda held a “Western Uganda Women Humanist Conference” in Bushenyi and Mitooma on 28th/01/2017.

The Conference was well attended with 25 women and 2 women from Kisinga. We had two facilitators Phiona from Kasese Humanist Association and Cathy from MIWODIF and Garama Secondary Humanist School.

Conference discussed about Humanism concepts and what other people talk about humanism. Phiona talked about how humanists are supposed to handle themselves in the community. She even said if there is heaven which religious leaders talk about then it will be the humanists who will go to heaven because they don’t kill, they don’t steal, they help the needy and orphans, as they have been helping women in crisis situation like those who had fistula. This topic was very well handled by Phiona and all the participants agreed with Phiona and realised that they been cheated by religious leaders.

The conference also discussed about Women emancipation which was well handled by Cathy and she talked about how women are supposed to be self-sustaining, come up with income generating activities, educate their girl children and also be able to participate in political positions and that women should always attend educative conferences and workshops instead of spending much of their time going to churches or working for the religious leaders in search for blessings. She said that humanists generous donors are will to support them as long as they can sustain the projects and use them to develop other young humanist’s generation to come.

Women reactions.

1. Women said, some religious leaders support them in sponsoring their orphans by providing school fees and other scholastic materials, construct for them houses, provide their families with food, etc and because the women are widows and others are poor they end up believing them.

2. Women said that some religious leaders say that humanists sacrifice women and take their private parts to get wealth and they kill babies by abortion and that when the children go to humanist schools they shall sacrifice them.

3. Women requested to have their own humanist girl’s school and humanist’s vocational centre where their orphans can attain vocation skills.

4. Women appreciated the conference organizers and the donors for organizing such conference and requested that the organizers should organize another one in the same place that will take at least 3 to 5 days such that they discuss many things about humanism and women emancipation and that they should invite Bushenyi and Mitooma women political and district leaders. They requested that at least it should be in March 2017 and that Phiona should be one of the facilitators in addition to Cathy

5. Women requested that MIWODIF should go to all the 300 women groups and the community to sensitize them about humanism such that women can understand the importance of being Humanist and qualities of good humanist. They requested that this should begin immediately probably on 29th/01/2017.

6. Women requested humanists’ generous donors to fund women humanists groups with small businesses to improve their livelihood to avoid being conned by religious leaders that God will give them wealth if they keep on spending a lot of time praying to him like mushroom growing, roadside business, chicken and piggery rearing, handcrafts making among others.

7. Women requested for humanism skills workshop campaign on health care, environmental conservation, domestic violence that is common in Bushenyi and Mitooma and also on the qualities of good humanist.

8. Women requested for humanism literature library and text books on humanism to given the women groups to equip them with more knowledge on humanism and also requested for internet café where their children can go and search more about humanism and other academic research topics.

9. As MIWODIF to allow Cathy move to all 300 MIWODIF women groups in Mitooma, Bushenyi and Kisinga sensitizing them on humanism and women emancipation as requested by the women conference to have many women on board of becoming humanists, we need a strong Motorcycle that can move long distances. And request BBI and Davida to contribute to Cathy salary to help her move humanist’s activities in the community of Bushenyi, Mitooma and Kisinga.


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