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We’re Building Swings Sets for Uganda Rural Orphans & Children

Posted: Thu, November 06, 2014 | By: Orphans

Swinging! Wheee! Children love to swing all over the world. Unfortunately, many kids have never even seen a swing...

Roger Hansen - Mormon Transhumanist Association (MTA) co-Manager of Humanitarian Activities, Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) “Active Fellow”, and Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technology contributing writer - wants to change that forlorn situation.

That’s why he visits Uganda every year - to install swing sets at isolated rural orphanages and schools.

His plan in January 2015 is to put up 10 swing sets in Uganda. You can help!

A video describing Roger’s Swing Set activities is HERE

Please don’t imagine that children swinging is just “fun and games.” Neuroscience reveals that swinging has multiple benefits:

  • promotes brain development
  • stimulates the vestibular (inner ear)
  • enables sensory integration
  • elevates attentiveness
  • improves coordination
  • enhances visual perception
  • aid muscular development
  • develops proprioception (body awareness)
  • provides opportunities for socialization

Uganda is a impoverished land-locked country that has a per capita income of only $567/year. Uganda also the highest rate of orphans in the world - more than 9% of the population is parentless due to AIDS, civil wars, and abandonment.

Poverty also forces Ugandan children to work incessantly. When Roger builds swing sets, he gives the children a place to play. Swing sets also serve as “Kid Magnets” encouraging children to attend and stay in school.

Each swing set costs $500. Roger collected $2,000 previous to this campaign - enough money to purchase all the parts and install four swing sets. His goal now is to collect an additional $3,000 - this would enable him to put up 10 swing sets.

Hank Pellissier - MTA co-Manager of Humanitarian Activities and BBI program director - purchased an entire swing set, for $500. He will have Roger install it either at the COISER Orphanage, a Jinja shelter that MTA and BBI helped via a GoFundMe campaign - or at another location in Kasese.

Where do you and your organization want to put up a Swing Set? Masaka? Kampala? Kasese? Giru? Perhaps your school or church can buy an entire swing set too, and install it at your favorite orphanage?

Roger buys all the swing parts in Uganda, to stimulate the local economy.

Here’s a breakdown of the expenses:

  • $36 each for the 4 legs and 1 crossbar = $180
  • $50 each for the 2 joints that connect legs and crossbar = $100
  • $24 each for the 4 hangers that hang the seats - $120
  • $20 each for the 5 chains and swing seats = $100

TOTAL $500 per swing set

6 swing sets = $3,000

Everyone who donates receives a report of where their swing set went up, with a color photograph of Ugandan children playing on it.

Please contribute as much as you are able - you can donate as much or as little as you wish.

The campaign is conducted via Indiegogo HERE.


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