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We’re building a “Piedmont Classroom” at Mother Givers School in western Uganda

Posted: Fri, June 03, 2016 | By: Mother Givers Humanist School

Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) is raising funds to build a “Piedmont Classroom” for Mother Givers School in Buhanga, in western Uganda.

The word “Piedmont” indicates “foothills”—specifically it is a noun that means: “a gentle slope leading from the base of mountains to a region of flat land.”

Mother Givers School and Buhunga are in a geographical area that fits this description.

Brighter Brains Institute’s headquarters are Piedmont, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area - it’s a small town with an excellent public school system. BBI is hoping that community’s dedication to education and be extended internationally.

We’re also hoping that all “Piedmont” people everywhere will want to help the “Piedmont” people in Uganda.

Mother Givers is a primary school run by the Buhanga Women’s Collective. The school is in an isolated region of the Ruwenzori mountains - it can only be accessed via a 7 kilometer trail from the market town of Kyarumba. About 20% of the school is orphans - many children in the Ruwenzori are parentless due to AIDS and civil war.

Mother Giver students with mud-and-branches classroom
Mother Giver students with mud-and-branches classroom

Mother Givers School is presently held in a mud-and-branches “temporary building” that might collapse in a heavy rain. The new “Piedmont Classroom” will be built of bricks, and large enough for 50 students.

The cost to build Piedmont Classroom is only $780, plus additional fees for the school sign ($50), the bank wiring ($45) and photo documentation ($50). The total can be raised if just 24 people donate $40 each. The cost to is very inexpensive due to the low cost of labor.

All donors get their name painted on a contributor’s board in the interior of the classroom, plus a photo from the Ugandan students holding a personalized Thank You card. Additionally, they get a tax deductible receipt, free ebooks, and a t-shirt that says “Piedmont Classroom - Mother Givers School, Uganda”

A sign that says “Piedmont Classroom” will be affixed above the front door of the classroom.

Mother Givers School is secular, reflecting BBI’s goal to establish non-religious schools in SubSaharan Africa. Secular schools will help:

1) promote girls education and female equality

2) promote religious and ethnic tolerance in this region that often has religious and tribal wars

3) promote condom use, in this are where AIDS is epidemic and there’s a population explosion.

4) promote tolerance for gays - Uganda is presently one of the world’s most homophobic nations.

Click HERE to donate $40 to Piedmont Classroom.

Email if you have questions.


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