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Water Tank has been Purchased for Mother Givers School in Buhanga by “Reddit R. Atheism”

Posted: Tue, February 23, 2016 | By: Uganda

Joseph Kasibirehe - an IEET Active Fellow - has purchased the water tank in the photos below, with money donated by “Reddit R. Atheism”—the pseudonym of a contributor who found out about the project via a posting on

The water tank is presently at the Kyarumba Trading Center. This weekend it will be carried manually uphill into the Ruwenzori Mountains, by local men, and delivered to Mother Givers Nursery School in Buhanga.

When the water tank reaches its destination the men will arrange the installation and place a sign on it or above it saying “Donated by Reddit R. Atheism.” Photos will be taken of the water tank in place, with the sign displayed, and emailed to “Reddit R. Atheism.”

The water tank will greatly aid the health of the children and the entire community of Buhanga. At the present time, many of the children are often sick, with diarrhea, because they drink impure water, due to thirst and the problem of there being no fresh running water in Buhanga.

The new water tank will be filled with fresh, safe rainwater caught from local roofs, and the health of the villagers will improve.

Mother Givers School has agreed to the Humanist Principles that are promoted by BiZoHa, the “world’s first atheist orphanage” and by three other humanist/atheist/secular schools that exist in Uganda.

Thank you Reddit R. Atheism, for your wonderful generosity!


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