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Visitor’s Report from MotherGivers Humanist School

Posted: Mon, July 18, 2016 | By: Volunteer

To day i have met Victoria of Buhanga Humanist women group of Mother giver school.

BBI has done a lot of wonders to the people of that area. The area is hard to reach, very hilly but BBI has made the life of the people easy to stay do to your support to them.

People are getting free medicine, children get free good food, they have nice chicken project. More impressing there was the nice class room with ceiling and the clinic because that area is hard to reach and stay and most government medical workers don’t always go there. Those people will never forget BBI basing on the messages from the women of that Buhanga Women’s groups i shared with.

Am very encouraged with how you have changed the area.

The thing i didn’t see was the laboratory for testing other diseases like HIV, STI, I Wished they visited Kahendero Clinic and study their future plan because they have a good future plan of developing the area to Hospital, if they have the courage of visiting Kahendero they would learn a lot from Kahendero.

Am very impressed, long live BBI and all Humanist supporter of Buhanga Women group and Mother Giver school.




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