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Vision Care School Pineapple Project - SEEKS FUNDING

Posted: Sat, October 01, 2016 | By: Vision Care School

1-a)Land purchase for pineapple growing in Kighenge-Kabirizi about $1562 this one acre.

b) Purchase of 14000 pineapple seedlings for one acre is $437

c) Transportation of seedlings $ 62

d)Farm labour $71

e)Farm manager incentive for 18 months this shall parents contribution.

f) Agric equipments (tools) $58

g) Facing $580

h) Mulching 18 months $ 228

Total is $2,998

The expected amount to be earned from the pineapples is about $5,281 in a year.

It will take 15-18 months to harvest these pineapples.

This project shall be a learning tool to both school children and there parents. These pineapples shall be sold both in all markets within kasese district because not many people that have this projects.

This the only projects for fruits that can generate money within 15-18 months.


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