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Vision Care Nursery and Primary School - Kyarumba, Uganda

Posted: Thu, January 01, 2015 | By: Past Projects

​Vision Care Nursery and Primary School is located in Kyondo Sub-County, Kanyatsi Parish, Musasa Village in the town of Kayrumba, in the Kasese District of Western Uganda. The beautiful region is in the foothills of the Rwenzori range, popularly called the Mountains of the Moon.

Vision Care has 142 students - 52 boys and 90 girls. There are 35 preschoolers, 17 kindergarteners, 29 first graders, 16 second graders, 12 third graders, 16 fourth graders, and 17 fifth graders.

The school has a clinic - Pellissier Science Laboratory #2. PSL2 attends to all of the health needs of the children, providing health education - and medicine when necessary.

Vision Care costs $7/month to attend. It is a private school; Uganda has numerous private schools because public schools are overcrowded with substandard academics, plus there aren’t enough rural public schools available at distances that are convenient for every student.

School Motto

Education is the Hope for the Future

School Aims and Objectives

* provide education to children in the near area * elevate educational standards * reduce the number of school drop outs * prevent early marriages that result from dropping out of school * educate children in vocational skills like brick-making, mat-weaving, and tailoring * educate the community on health issues like HIV/AIDS and other diseases * create employment for teachers and others

School Challenges

* Vision Care wants to buy the land that it is currently renting * the school wants to construct permanent buildings * The school lacks good latrines * the school lacks safe drinking water, which is essential to prevent diseases * the school lacks enough money to sufficiently pay its faculty * many parents do not pay tuition on time, or pay full tuition * the school lacks enough food to provide school lunches * the school lacks a Library * the school lacks a computer

Chairperson Board of Directors: Bwambale John


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