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Update on Jane Shrimpton Clinic in Kahendero—October 12, 2016

Posted: Wed, October 12, 2016 | By: Kahendero

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Special thanks to Davida for donating to Jane Shrimpton Clinic, Andrea Vogt Clinic and vaccination works to the children at Bizoha campus.

We remain committed to our core values of serving our people at our best in an effort to make life better for humanity.

Jane Shrimpton Clinic at Kahendero has got a donation of funds that aided purchase of medicines and some items among them being 2 beds, 2 mattresses, three empty jerry cans, 3 padlocks plus a three months salary to the Medic who works at the health facility. Extra funds from the same donor will cater for vaccination works on the children she sponsors at the Bizoha Campus plus their families plus restocking some medicines at the Andrea Vogt Health Clinic.

All these funds are courtesy of Davida, a passionate, caring, and generous and friend of the BiZoHa Project.

On behalf of the Kasese Humanist Primary School and Bizoha Project am so thankful for the support which is a great boost to favor us serves more patients. This means our patients who are in critical condition will be admitted for some days at the facility for some day or two as our medic monitors and takes care of their medical conditions.

The Jane Shrimpton Clinic Medic is so thankful for Davida Lecomte to consider supporting this clinic plus offering him a 3 months’ salary which is motivational and very encouraging.

The Clinic offers free medical services to pupils at our nursery school and is open to the general public most of them Kahendero people who pay a small fee to keep the clinic running.

Attached are some of the images of some receipts, photo shots of procured items and a glimpse of the purchased drugs.

More information about Kasese Humanist Initiatives is available at

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