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Update #4 from BiZoHa Orphanage site in Muhokya

Posted: Mon, March 30, 2015 | By: BiZoHa Orphanage, School, Humanist Centre, Volunteer Hostel

by Bwambale Robert

Here is a brief update in regard to the works aimed at developing the BiZoHa Site into an orphanage/school/clinic/vocational skills/recreation center to mention but a few.

The hostel has finally been roofed with colored iron sheets amounting to fifty. Right now the builders are filling out the spaces between the roofed sheets and the wall plate which will be accomplished in two days.

At the end of this week, I will be fixing the shutters which are being made at a nearby welding facility. Meanwhile as the guys finalize with filling the upper spaces, they shall start filling the ground spaces with soil and later a layer of murram as I plan to work on the floor as well.

BiZoHa Orphanage Hostel
BiZoHa Orphanage Hostel

One of the challenge I have encountered is the high rate of the United States Dollar in respect to the Uganda currency, every building material has had its cost soared and somewhere somehow our budget has been affected but the good thing is that I have tried to work In the limits.

The pit latrine has been roofed and plastered fully, it remains to be shuttered though plus fixing a curtain wall.

The entire building has consumed more bricks than I had predicted, all together added to 22,000 bricks.

Am attaching a financial summary of the day to day expenditures from the point we started the constructions up-to-date.

In a related development, the locals have been coming to the site to get more information about what we are doing and the intention. I have been telling them I am building up an orphanage home for some few orphans but have plans to establish a school onsite.


The area local leaders together with local community members welcomed the project but requested me to instead make up a bigger thing that will benefit all the orphans in Muhokya and Kahendero areas and advised me to put in place classrooms as the area only has 1 government primary aided school whose quality and service delivery is poor.

Keeping the locals request at par, am proposing that perhaps we embark on searching for funds to put up some 3 classrooms so that we reach out to the huge orphans in this locality.

The constructed unit can accommodate 18 children and i think its a wiser idea to engage the rest of the orphans plus those sheltered into active learning.

Tapped water has been brought to the site.

The latrine is almost complete as the remaining work is to put on shutters.

As it’s a rainy season now, we have cultivated ground nuts, maize and some beans on the Site plantation area.

That’s my brief update on what is going on here. Many thanks in advance to all generous donors who have made us reach this step, however the struggle continues!

Best regards,

Bwambale M Robert

Water Tap Area
Water Tap Area
BiZoHa site
BiZoHa site


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