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Uganda Women’s Collective seeks funding to start a “backyard” Chicken Farm

Posted: Wed, July 06, 2016 | By: Buhanga

The Buhanga-Thuligahuma Women’s Collective, in western Uganda, is launching 38 “backyard” chicken farms.

Each of the 38 women in the collective will raise 10 chickens in her yard. So far, the campaign to help them (conducted by the non-profit 501c3 Brighter Brains Institute in California) is going very well.

Funds to purchase 150 chickens have already been collected, in the three weeks of the campaign. 230 more chickens need to be purchased.

The cost of purchasing each chicken is $10. This sum includes grain, vaccinations, feeders, coop, and other supplies.

Profits from the chicken farm will provide children at the local “Mother Givers Primary School” with a free lunch. Hunger is a serious problem in the region; many children only receive one meal per day (dinner). They go to school without breakfast, and by noon they are so hungry they cannot learn properly. Many leave school and return to their village in search of food.

To establish the remaining 23 backyard chicken farms, click HERE and purchase 3, 6, or 10 chickens for this worthy cause.

Project description written by Buhanga Women is HERE

All donors get photos like the ones displayed on this page, with Buhanga women thanking them for their kindness. Contributors also receive Tax Deductible Receipts.


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