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Trouble with Anglican Zealots and the Envious, oppressing KHPS and BiZoHa

Posted: Tue, August 02, 2016 | By: Past Projects

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

The Zealots and enemies are at it again saying KHPS is anti Christ, Illuminati and its source of wealth is from the waters and spirits. Big shame that ignorance, poverty and hate-ride makes people lose focus. Shame on you if you are among, if you are my friend and feel offended by this post unfriend me.

I feel rather sad on one end and determined on the other end in my efforts to advance secular views in my community.

I today received a phone call from someone I know who told me that some people are talking bad about my projects especially the Bizoha Campus, rumors has it that some religious zealots most of them influential in the Anglican church plus some handful of Pastors some affiliated to American evangelicals are sending out misconceptions about Kasese Humanist Primary School plus my associated projects.

For the six years now, we have been hearing these stories, I do not know why these Anglicans are talking about me, could it be because am originally from the Anglican faith and some years after I lost my faith, I have no attachment to any religion of any kind. I think these Zealots should understand who I am, what I advocate for, what my lifestyle is, what we teach at KHPS and what Science and Humanism is. One man of god as they call themselves was in Church alter on a Sunday Morning at a certain church, he told the congregation to take away all their children from my schools.

It is unfortunate that in our family lineage, I know some of them who are devote Anglicans are setting in fire to smear what am doing, but the good thing I know them and what is disturbing their minds is what I have and own, they wish that my projects fail and we all join the same boat.

In their smearing campaigns some Pastors claim that pupils from Kasese Humanist Primary School have demons in them and needs deliverance and prayer, one man of god who dodged and avoided the Kenyan journalists who are working on a documentary about our projects in a telephone message said KHPS is anti Christ, other religious zealots say KHPS is a wealthy school and all it has is wealthy from the waters, some funny ones making ignorant and smearing campaigns say KHPS is illuminati a term locals attribute to people who get wealth after performing rituals and sacrifices.

There have been some talks about our school on some Kasese radio stations and have been there to listen to their biased comments while to those who understand us better go on supporting and appreciating what we do but I think these people are misinformed, misguided or worried that once people become secular then people will not take religion seriously as they will realize that Religion has been robbing them over the years.

To some people who understand well Science and Religion they can easily tell where the frictions are coming from but my point is clear am not stopping people from believing in what they think is right, I want people also to appreciate that all people can’t think the same, for example there are none religious people and religious people all contributing to nation building and development. Most organizations or work places don’t want to mix in their works to religions because they know the danger that comes with religion. Is it written anywhere that non believers should not own farms, shops, schools, orphanages, and hospitals etc.

Some of the enemies of Kasese Humanist Primary School & Kasese United Humanist Association projects to mention but a few include a section of Bishops, Pastors, Reverend, some aggrieved former staffs at KHPS who thought we splash money anyhow, some elements in our family not happy with me owning a string of properties plus some school proprietors who see KHPS as a threat in setting standard in more years ahead. Myself as a free thinker and a humanist, not everybody is my friend, I normally screen people I associate myself with.

It’s a big shame that Men and women of god think that way but I attribute that to jealousy, ignorance and idle talk. As I was shopping in town recently, I had in whispers someone making a funny comment that that fellow is illuminati. Alas….. This was unbelievable, I kept wondering what ignorance and hate speech can bring since I look at myself as someone just coming up from scratch to riches but through hard work. The wealth or assets I have is just from my works, most of it from well wishers of my projects. Not from the waters or offertories….. Africans wake up from the dark ages.

At our schools we tolerate all religions but one bad mistake we can’t make is to turn our school into worship centers, if it’s like that then what will mosques, shrines, temples, synagogues, ekleziahs, churches do. When some zealots’ say we are anti Christ—- this is ignorance, does he think all people in this world subscribe to Christ? What about those who cherish Krishna, Zeus, Horus, Mithra or Budha or Bisaka. I think these zealots may need a lecture by me to them on Beliefs, Christianity or African belief systems.

All I can say, what am doing is in black and white, a m originally an Anglican and right now am not attached to any religion, I respect people’s beliefs and I have no reasons to take away believers to my side as my philosophy is not religion in itself, it’s about Humanity understanding their potential as humans and working for the common good of this planet, all of us have our own tasks to complete in this one life we all share, I think some of these zealots think that we are taking away their sheep but the truth is not, ours is just enlightenment based on Science and reason.

Our people should widen their level of thinking and research more about my works, humanism has no elements of rituals, sacrifices, god, gods, spirits, monsters, afterlives, Satan, demons and all sorts of mythical allegorical characters.

Big shame if u think what I do is bad. Big shame to all those who think am illuminati, Big shame to those who think money can be got through making a sacrifice or offertory, Big shame to the Bishops/pastors/catechists/witch doctors who think am against your actions of indoctrinating people, Big shame to those who think they can overpower Science and Reason.

Attached are some of my works of KHPS which have created enemies on one end and cherishes on the other

Am sorry for having written a lengthy post about these bigots, this is the second time I make such posts.

With Science, we can progress.


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