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“Science Missionary” Volunteer Expedition to Rural Uganda

Posted: Mon, October 24, 2016 | By: Humanism

84% of Ugandans are isolated in rural areas, with limited access to electricity, cooking fuel, clean water, and the internet.

This deprivation cripples their health, education, economy, and communication.

Science to the Rescue!

Brighter Brains Institute (BBI), a California non-profit, is sending “science missionaries” to technologically upgrade a rural area in Uganda in June 2017. The skilled STEM ambassadors will work in BBI’s 24 clinics, schools, and orphanages in the Ruwenzori Mountain region near the Congo border.

The goals of the expedition are to install and/or teach:

* solar energy devices, especially solar ovens and solar notebooks

* eco-briquette production, using recycled paper, plant waste, and animal manure

* water purification and “water-making” machines, like the WarkaWater design

* classes on how scientific principles have transformed medicine, science, and technology

* internet access and computer skills

The “Science Missionary Team” presently includes: Marna Chamberlain (physics & biology teacher at Piedmont High School, California), Roger Hansen (water & energy specialist in “Engineers Without Borders” from Orem, Utah, and Rick Dongo (IT expert from Winnipeg, Canada).

Five Board members of the Brighter Brains Institute will join them, plus a team of high school volunteers who will teach social networking.

Want to Help Us?

BBI encourages scientists, engineers, and technologists to join us in this challenging and rewarding task. Communities we’ll be working in include Kasese, Muhokya, Kahendero, Nyakiyumbu, Kyarumba, Buhanga, Kanyenze, and Kisinga (note that many of these are so tiny they don’t exist yet in Google maps).

In rural Uganda, the severely-flawed source of knowledge is often the village priest, or Anglican minister. BBI’s 24 secular schools, orphanages, and clinics (that distribute free condoms) are frequently accused by these clerics of being “evil demons… Illuminati… who want to destroy children.”

BBI believes the best way to combat this superstition and irrational thinking is to demonstrate the amazing benefits of scientific implementation through enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and caring science lovers.

Please help us with your endorsement, participation, or support!

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