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Kibirigha Nursery School wants to Partner with BBI and Humanism

Posted: Thu, August 25, 2016 | By: Mother Givers Humanist School

by Victorina Kabugho (director of Buhanga Women)

Dear Brighter Brains Institute

I have been approached by a group of 22 women called Kibirigha Women’s Group which has got a school called Kibirigha Model Nursery School. They asked me to connect them to our Donor which is BBI.

i told them that I would first visit them , which I did last week. I found out that they have got a school with six classes that is baby, Middle P1, P2 ,P3 AND P4 The school has got 141 children and 6 teachers.54 girls and 87 boys

I was told these are the school challenges:

Children sometimes do not have any food while at school
Children are attacked by several diseases as malaria, wounds, ulcers, diarrhea, headaches, cough and flue among others so they need a clinic.
They have 24 helpless orphans
Need of proper sanitary rooms as latrines and bath shelters
They need permanent classes, they told me they have bricks and I saw bricks at their site
Need text books and Furniture among others that I can recall

Thus I am reporting this and askiing BBI if you can be of help to this school. Didn’t want to disappoint people like me.

I told them about the summary of the humanist principles and they said that they can follow them

They are located 5 Kilometres from Kyarumba Trading center on a road accessed by a vehicle and motorcycles in the Ruwenzori.

Their director is Masika Rosemary her Email:

Kabugho Victorina
Chair Person-Buhanga Thulibahuma Women’s Group

Photos of this school below:


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