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Tractor purchased for BiZoHa and Kasese Humanist Primary School

Posted: Thu, March 03, 2016 | By: BiZoHa

by Bwambale Robert Musubaho

Kasese Humanist Primary School gets a tractor to attend to farm needs and help the school earn an extra income to boost up self sustenance and self reliance in the future. Thumps up to the Zelevinsky Family for proving start up funds!.

In our journey of ensuring self sustenance of Kasese Humanist Primary School, the school has acquired a Tractor which has been purchased with over 80% of the funds being donated by the Zelevinsky Family.

The tractor was procured from a Somali National who works with City Oil in Kampala and was working on the farms in west Nile, The machine is still in perfect condition and has started to work on the farms, its branded Massey Ferguson, Registered Number plate UAT 661X

The tractor will plough all lands belonging to Kasese Humanist Projects, will ensure Bizoha Farmland is ploughed frequently so that there is constant supply of food to Bizoha and Sister projects, will also generate extra income through working on land for local farmers where special preference will be given to the locals where our schools are located so that there is subsidizing on the tractor hire rates to favor them get good yields which would allow them get good cash thereby improving their lives.

Plans are underway to purchase a trailer to be used after the plough season. The trailer will favor carrying of firewood, cotton, building materials like sand, murram and stones to our sites.

All in all, the tractor adds to the list of greater assets owned by Kasese Humanist Primary Schools. Extra funds realized after its use will be injected in improving the welfare of our teachers plus also ensuring there is constant supply of food.

As we plan to open up the Andrea Vogt Roadside Stand next week, some of the products on our farm will be put on sale here for people to buy.

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