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The Second Critical Thinking Workshop in Kanungu, Uganda

Posted: Sun, March 04, 2018 | By: Kanungu (Uganda)

by Robert Magara

A second Critical Thinking workshop was win Kanungu. The activities focus on recognizing, recalling, evaluating and analyzing information to develop higher-level Critical Thinking skills.

Beliefs inner village were examines, such as:

1. The participants proved that religion is often just “fundraising” - a way to obtain money. Kibwetere (one of the leaders of the Kanungu massacre) is said to have taken a lot of money and land titles.

2. The people of Kanungu once believed that when building permanent houses, the owner must first slaughter a hen, or a goat to sprinkle their blood on the foundation such that the owner will not die when he lives in it. This is a false ritual. Nothing happens when no blood is put down.

3. Many false religious prophets continue to promise healing, riches and other solutions to problems. The people of Kanungu now realize that religious fanaticism kills, because the Kanungu massacres left many young victims without parents and guardians, others were robed of their property and money.

4. The people of Kanungu believed that some selected people communicated with God. The local people of Kanungu now DOUBT this.

5. The Superstition practice ( Nyabingi) of placing roasted meat and alcohol in a small grass-built houses in Kanungu to ward off the the evil eye and evil in general - is now believed to be an irrational fear.

6. Many people in Knungu still believe that superstitions that can ruin of their life, for instance, if a pregnant woman comes across a dead dog on the road, or If a rat crosses his or her path, He or She will have bad Luck. The Bakiga also have a belief that white dogs are evil.

People who took the Critical Thinking workshop in Kanungu learnt that we should always doubt, question and reason to get the evidence. “Bad Luck” is just an excuse to escape the blame for the poor decisions that one might make. Nothing happens when a pregnant woman comes across a dead dog or a white dog or a dead cat on the path or the road. There is no magic that ties ” LUCK” and these events together.


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