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The Nyakiyumbu Widows Association (list of members)

Posted: Wed, July 19, 2017 | By: Nyakiyumbu (Uganda)

Below is a list of all the members of the Nyakiyumbu Widows Association. They need funds for food, farming, pigs, school tuition, clean water, and classroom construction.

The Nyakiyumbu Widows Association is located in Uganda, near the Congo border.

The group is composed of 64 women who lost their husbands due to civil war, malaria, AIDS, hepatitis, accidents, and multiple other causes. For example, approximately five men are killed annually as “poachers” by the national park service.

They need assistance in: farming, pigs, chickens

Their community needs are: girls health, girls education, clean water, and classroom construction. (They operate the Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage Humanist School.)


  • $220 - to purchase pigs
  • $50 - for female and male condoms



Muhindo Nyesi 30 Volunteer
Masika Perezi 45 Teacher
Masika Jenipher 31 Business woman
Biira Yolesi 55 Peasant
Biira Rahab 48 Business woman
Masika Joviah 30 Business woman
Lamwaka Jostine 46 Business woman
Biira Agness 40 Peasant
Asiimwe Jesca 37 Peasant
Mbambu Janet 35 Peasant
Ithungu Mary 36 business
Muhindo Sofia 31 Business woman
Tibasima Janet 52 Farmer in animal caring
Kabugho Neverless 40 Peasant
Mbambu Zawadi 28 Business woman
Masika Hariet 41 Business woman
Mbambu Polina 29 Business woman
Biira Jetress Kanyinyi 36 business
Thungu Hariet 31 Peasant
Thungu Scovia 49 farmer
Masika Agness 37 Farmer
Thungu Augenia 27 Farmer
Muhindo Jane 34 business
Mbambu Livenia 35 Business
Thungu Rastatuta 35 Business
Ithungu Justine 38 Teacher
Mihindo Jackline 36 Farmer
Thungu Beatrace 29 Peasant
Mbambu Elizabeth 38 Business
Biira Elizabeth 35 Peasant
Kabugho Grace 39 Peasant
Kabugho Fragesia 30 Business
Biira MariaNyesi Musema 35 Business
Muhindo Florence 30 Peasant
Masika Gevina 50 Farmer
Mbambu Margret 44 Business
Kyakimwa Yodita 32 Business
Muhindo Regina 33 Peasant
Rhoda Kabasi 38 Business
Muhindo Paskezia 38 Farmer in animal rearing
Kabugho Polonia 34 Farmer
Biira Mariziane 28 Peasant
Thungu Regina 50 Business
Thungu Miriam 31 Peasant
Nziabake Peregia 34 Business
Biira Christine 30 Peasant
Masika Yozofina 61 Farmer in poultry
Kabugho Jeneta 41 Farmer
Kyakimwa Mary 42 Farmer
Muhindo Grace 48 Peasant
Kabugho Genina Kahungu 66 Non (Very ill)
Masika Tereza 55 Peasant
Muhindo Meress 31 Business
Sabiti Jostine 35 Peasant
Mbambu Jozonia 34 Peasant
Masika Miria 33 Peasant
Biira Sadress Kalimirwa 27 Business
Nziabake Janet 39 Peasant
Kyakimwa Gevina 30 Farmer
Mbambu Jostine Kabanda 37 Peasant
Kabugho Hariet 36 Business
Kyakimwa Marizoze 32 Peasant
Kyakimwa Doreene 28 Business
Katabarwa Hawa 41 Business
Thungu Florina 28 Business


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