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MTA, CTA and Alcor Science & Literacy Center in Uganda is 85% Funded

Posted: Wed, May 06, 2015 | By: Past Projects

The Mormon Transhumanist Association (MTA) members of the Christian Transhumanist Association, and Alcor Life Extension Foundation have teamed up to establish a “Science & Literacy Centre” in Kyarumba, a small village in western Uganda. The project has attained 85% of its funding via generous individuals who donated money primarily at the GoFundMe campaign site.

The Carpentry Workshop for Orphans constructed and painted signs for the centre, displayed at the entrance (see photos). The carpenters also built shelving and furniture for the interior of the center, and science books and equipment has been purchased and installed.

The “Literacy” section is available to the Kyarumba community, and will serve as the “Library” for the nearby Vision Care Primary School. In Uganda, English literacy is an essential requirement in escaping poverty, due to its prevalence in the rapidly-expanding tourist and business sector.

The “Science” section is also be available to both the community and the Vision Care students.

It will be equipped with calculators, telescope, magnets, maps of Earth & the solar system, syringes, vials, human anatomy models, and other devices. Understanding science in Uganda is critically important.

Fatal diseases - malaria, AIDS, infections - can be curtailed via knowledge of hygiene and scientific principles. Agriculture - Uganda’s primary export - can also be enhanced via scientific knowledge.

A record of the center’s usage and effectiveness will be provided by Joseph Kasibirehe, a Kyarumba community activist who will serve as the town’s liaison to MTA.

Kyarumba (in Kasese district) has a higher percentage of HIV/AIDS and orphaned children than Uganda’s urban areas, due to poverty and regional civil wars.

MTA, members of the CTA, and Alcor’s assistance to Kyarumba’s residents via this center illustrates their ability to organize “team projects to cure disease, and extend and enhance life.”

Please contribute if you can here: GoFundMe campaign

MTA & CTA Science & Literacy Centre


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