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The Common Sense Foundation - Humanism in Kumasi, Ghana

Posted: Sat, July 16, 2016 | By: Ghana

The Common Sense Foundation is an all-inclusive, humanist organization working to increase participation in protecting the rights of individuals, to inspire people especially the youth in Ghana to embrace humanism and secular policies, and to offer free critical thinking training for children under 15 years.

Since its inception in August 2014, Common Sense Foundation members have been;

(a) Promoting humanism on radio and educating members of the various communities in Ghana about the need to respect people’s rights.

(b) Organizing seminar on why countries driven by non-religious intellectuals and secular policies are still thriving more than countries engulfed with religious people and faith-based policies,

(c) Organizing free vacation classes for children on science, mathematics and critical thinking.

We are motivated by the love we have for humanity and our belief that the world would be more peaceful and prosperous than it is if science, reason and critical thinking skills are promoted in every nooks and cranny of the world. We are concerned by the tribulations and persecutions some humanists, atheists and gays suffer in Ghana and other parts of the world. We are also concerned by the kind of flawed-education some closed-minded teachers give to school children in this country. We believe that faith-based dogma and lies affect people’s lives especially children in a multitude of ways, and that the promotion of humanism and secular policies is necessary for human development and nation building.

As we move forward we require the assistance of benevolent humanists and foundations that support our mission to help us acquire a permanent place to enable us offer free classes for children on daily basis. This will go a long way to instil confidence and critical thinking skills in beneficiaries. In the long run, Ghana will have leaders full of expertise and humanists’ values.

It is our hope that all persons who have the philosophy of secular humanism at heart will come on board and support us bring our dream to a reality. We invite you to be our friend and partner. We also encourage you to recommend us to your friends and allies to support us push this agenda. If you would simply like to talk with us, please call us on 233244160458 .You can also check us on our Facebook page: Common Sense Ghana.


Kwaku Adusei

(Founder and C.E.O.,Common Sense Foundation: Centre for humanist education and activism)


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