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Thank You Letters - from Mangyan Students to their Sponsors

Posted: Fri, September 19, 2014 | By: Philippines

​Brighter Brains Institute is currently sponsoring 33 children at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Academy, a school for indigenous Mangyan children, on the island of Mindoro, in The Philippines. The sponsored children have recently written letters thanking their “Foster Parents.”

We have posted ten of those letters below.

Brighter Brains Institute is now seeking 50 more sponsors who can pay tuition for these indigenous children to attend school in 2014-2015. The cost is only $5/month. If you’d like to additionally pay for their school lunch, the cost is an additional $5/month.

Are you interested in being a Sponsor / Foster Parent?

What will you receive if you are?

* A Thank You note like the ones below

* Every quarter (August, September, November and last week of March) the Foster Parents receive their Foster Child’s Academic or Progress Report.

* In December and January the Foster Parents receive Christmas and New Year’s Greetings.

If you’re interested in being a sponsor, please contact


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