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Teachers at Uganda Humanist Schools need Higher Salaries ($44/month is Not Enough)

Posted: Mon, May 01, 2017 | By: Kasese

The good news is: there’s eight secular humanist schools in western Uganda, including BiZoHa - “the world’s first atheist orphanage.” The schools were either constructed by the Brighter Brains Institute (BBI) - a USA nonprofit - or they were “converted” to secular humanism by BBI. More than 2,000 children are being educated without religious indoctrination in this fervently, i.e., dangerously religious nation, where condom use is frowned on by religious authorities, and gays and lesbians are viciously persecuted.

Muhindo Jovia - teacher at Kasese Humanist School
Muhindo Jovia - teacher at Kasese Humanist School

The bad news is - the teachers at the secular humanist school are miserably paid. Standard wage for non-governmental instructors is a ridiculously low $44 month. This is ghastly pay, even in cash-strapped Uganda. Teacher salary is dependent on parents paying their children’s tuition - this doesn’t always happen, thus the teachers are short-changed…

BBI is trying to improve the teacher’s salaries - and morale - by soliciting $25 from contributors. The facilities at most of the secular humanist schools are posted HERE — just pick one out that you’d like to help, and follow the easy instructions.

Improving teacher salaries will guarantee that they’ll stay in their positions, which will help the students progress. BBI is also providing other benefits to teachers - like the opportunity to own swine at the Ana Sanchez Piggery if you’re a teacher at BiZoHa; rental income from renting out “Humanist Hall” if you teach in Kahendero, and income from a “Freethinker’s Roadside Cafe” if you teach in Kasese.

The best option though - is to be given $25 from a sympathetic donor. We hope you can contribute!

pictured: Muhindo Jovia - “Baby Class” teacher at Kasese Humanist School


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