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Supporting the Start of a Humanist Organization in Kanungu

Posted: Tue, May 02, 2017 | By: Humanism

by Kato Mukasa

His name is Robert Magara. He is a humanists; human rights activist and an educationist empowering young people in Kanungu district. He with others started a humanists school supporting young people acquire education.

Some Shocking Facts About Kanungu:

There are rather many but will point out one-the obsession with Gods.

We may remember the burning of over 1000 people by a religious cult led by Kibwetere and company. Kanungu like many other districts in Uganda is highly infiltrated by all sorts of beliefs and unfortunately these very beliefs are used to oppress and disadvantage the gullible followers. We need a rational approach towards empowering our people empower themselves.

Thus I have joined the campaign that will see the birth of the first humanists organization in Kanungu. I have met and discussed with Mw Magara and we are thinking the ways that will make things happen. I am there to support and the first humanists organization in Kanungu is launched. Lots of guidance and support is needed.In the photos I give the first empowerment literature to Mw. Magara. Good


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