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Support a Humanist education!

Posted: Tue, November 15, 2016 | By: Humanism

by Aaron Silver-Pells

Hi Folks. I’m down in the Kasese district in Uganda teaching humanist ethics.

I invite you to think about supporting a strong humanist education for some of the world’s poorest people. What we’ve done down here is build three schools and “adopted” 8 others for a total of 11 schools.

Aaron Silver-Pells
Aaron Silver-Pells

That’s a lot of schools!

Teachers are paid much less than at government schools which are heavily influenced by the church, maybe one fifth as much. Even with that though, many times it’s a struggle for teacher’s salaries to be paid because in Uganda, there is no mechanism to pay teachers when the parents of rural children cannot pay.

In addition, about one-fourth to one-third of the students in each school are orphans, children without parents who cannot pay. Sometimes the teachers visit children who are too sick to attend school.

Also on the docket is dealing with the overpopulation problem in the region. When the population is low, slash and burn agriculture is ok, but the population is high and people have lots of children! The mantra here is “produce, produce, produce.”

Due to a combination of a legacy of tribal warfare, bad medical care and high disease rate, religious indoctrination and low education, people desire to have as many children as possible. Already I’ve spoken two or three times to people and I plan on talking to more people in more venues. We are also working on putting on a play depicting the struggles that large families play. This is a very important issue

So, if you would like to support us in our work to make positive changes down here in rural Uganda, please considering making a donation and/or telling your friends and family about the good work we are doing. Thank you all for reading, we appreciate your support.


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