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“Critical Thinking” Workshop in Kanungu - what we did and what we learned

Posted: Sat, January 20, 2018 | By: Kanungu (Uganda)

​by Robert Magara

Day One:

The first day of a two days workshop and more next week about critical thinking and humanism in kanungu has today been successful.
29 youths both girls and boys attended.each one got breakfast, got lunch and travel facilitation.
They say, its their first time to have a such workshop in RUGYEYO sub county. “Humanism works.”
The teachers of this workshop has been Robert Magara, supported by Donas Twesigye.

Day Two:

it has been a very colourful day, our second day of ” Critical Thinking and Humanism workshop at RUGYEYO sub county.
This workshop, has inspired the many students to become humanists and more skeptical. See the photos and the attendance list.
The number today increased to 51.
To me , this has been a very successful first time ever critical thinking and humanism workshop in kanungu. A big clap to our dear funders.
Thank you

What We Learned:

1. The people of Kanungu believed that since Kibwetere was before a servant of God in the church, they expected wealth. And all were burnt ! A prophet of doom. Peter Turyamushanga one of my Teachers at the humanist school whose father called pochino, a very old mzee was a member of Nyabugoto a place of kibwetere now believe that religion is the disorganisation of people’s brains, those who do not seek truth, Doubt and question.

2. A number of Muslems don’t eat pork. Rukundo Abdul, a secondary teacher here in kanungu now believe that it is a food like any other food eaten by human beings. Because he has not seen any person complaining of any disease got from a normal treated pork. He says” He eats it like any other meat.” Or food.

3. The Batwa were under looked. They lived in bush, they were dirty, short and un educated.Traditionally, people believed that after sleeping with a female mutwa you get healed of the backache. People now in the community understand that the batwa are people like others. It was a lie..!The Batwa lied to the Bakiga many times because the Batwa were the minority, discriminated, They also wanted to feel in the community, leave with others free.

4. A 21 year Koshaba Blendah, a church goer used to fear going to the church without money because Reverend bothered her ,asking the said, are believers to give more money that its when they receive many blessings. Blendah believes this is extorting money for nothing. She says, she has seen many of the category are very completely poor. Why? Kibwetere brainwashed our people. They were told to believe something they never saw before, without questioning it unlike her. She is already a critical Thinker.” Said Blendah.” She would want many people in kanungu learn from this.

5. Also, Turinawe Bosco, a teacher at our Humanist school used to hear that a man called Rwajumba, and Ivan all from Nyakabungo urinated in his clothes, asking people to give them money, food and clothes that they cause rain during drought, that even rainy season they stop it.until Bosco realized that it was greed, magical and wiseaking. He believes that Rain Or Drought is a weather effect and the climate change. He will not again rely on false tells.

Kindly, see the photos below


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