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Success of the Kanungu Women’s Organizations.

Posted: Tue, June 12, 2018 | By: Uganda

​by Robert Magara

The donated funds to the Kanungu Women’s groups that was meant for the micro-lending has been an increasingly utilized tool for providing credit access to the poor in these communities.

The micro-lending accounted for strong repayment rate and continuous access to credit services.

The 9,318,775/= total funds that were donated for the two groups, 5,645,500/= was generated from the two groups. Many of the women generated different products, a great achievement.

The money repaid, was taken back on march 28th to the other adherent women to invest in other small scale household projects like they did and they are doing very well across the community. However, more women do request to join the groups.

The women donated this to Kanungu Humanist School:

1. 1,489,000/= for the teacher’s salary balance for term one .

2. 1,619,000/= for the students lunch food .

The Kanungu Women’s group Treasurer Tukamuhabwa Allen died, and she had taken this to buy the tools to repair her grinding machine for the maize and Millet, this was her main source of income for her family. She left Clevis in level 3, Lovegeri in level 7, cleophus in level 6.

Justina Tibebirwe and Ninsiima Joan, their pigs were stolen by thieves.

Robert Magara


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