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SUCCESS! Five Transhumanist Groups fund Carpentry Workshop for Uganda AIDS Orphans

Posted: Sat, December 06, 2014 | By: Orphans

​Congratulations! Five transhumanist organizations collaborated to raise $1,010 - this total will fund three trade schools in Kyarumba, Uganda - a small rural town in the Rwenzori Mountains, known as the “Mountains of the Moon.”

The Mormon Transhumanist Association, Brighter Brains Institute, Transhumanist Party, Christian Transhumanist Association, and co-partnered to raise the amount.

The Mormon Transhumanist Association (MTA) was the biggest supporter. About 60-70% of the funds for the campaign were raised from generous Mormon Transhumanist members. MTA member Karl Hale donated 15% of his Christmas sales to the charity drive.

MTA regards assisting the Carpentry Workshops as an ideal transhumanist project - its mission is to “promote radical flourishing in compassion and creation through technology and religion…”

BBI initiated the campaign - it is presently helping orphans in several locations throughout Uganda.

The Transhumanist Party (TP) is running Zoltan Istvan for USA President in 2016. Its support of the carpentry workshops illustrates its belief that providing humanity with technological skills is enormously beneficial.

The Transhumanist Party is quite new, but two of its members, including Zoltan, are “Active Fellows” at BBI.

The Christian Transhumanists have been kind and generous in several of BBI’s campaigns. Micah Redding - author of “Christianity is Transhumanism” has been especially benevolent. is a two-year-old media website that is dedicated to promoting forward-thinking ideals to the public. Based in the Seattle area, it intends to produce conferences in the near future.

The three trade schools that the transhumanist groups want to send “tool money” to are:

KAAGYO - (Kyarumba Anti-AIDS Youth Group) offers low-cost carpentry workshops, frequently to orphans. 90% of Ugandans live in rural areas, which have a larger percentage of AIDS orphans than urban areas.

There are 2.5 million orphans in Uganda, the largest percentile. The five transhumanist groups will send this group $475 for tools to teach woodworking, a craft that can support the orphans.

Alchangel’s Carpentry Workshop - A smaller carpentry workshop that serves an AIDS orphan population, similar to KAAGYO. The transhumanist groups sent this group $475 - to also be spent on tools.

Edward’s Welding Workshop - The transhumanists sent Edward $50 to be spent on welding equipment.

60-70% of orphans in Uganda grow up to be criminals. The generosity of MTA, BBI, TP, CT, and TNET will help them avoid this fate. Students taking the workshops will learn how to build furniture and other essential household items. (a biography of one student is at the end of this essay)

Here’s the list of tools and equipment that the transhumanist funds will purchase:

Tools Needed

Blue groove wood flat bit
A. Spear & Jackson universal panel saw
Spoke Shave
Award Plane No. 4
Jack Plane No. 5
Bar cramp 12 feet
Tenon saw
Pro drill bits
Saw blade
Tape Measure
Faithful replacement blade
Sow blade
Bacho Bow Saw
Oil Stone
Transport of tools

Welding equipment needed

part payment on Oxygen gas welding

Electrical Items needed

Main Cutout
Sub-Main Cutout
Electric Motor Cable
Feeder Cable

To contribute, just click here:

Photos of the KAAGYO carpentry workshop (photos by Douglas Cruickshank) can be viewed HERE

All contributors to the fund will receive a special Thank You photo from the Carpentry students, plus they can choose to receive any of the six wooden hand-crafted items below:

Bakonzo traditional bag made out of tree bark fibers
Bakonzo bag from tree fibers
Folding Hanger
Folding Hanger
Thank You Flower
Thank You Flower
Uganda Map
Uganda Map
Wooden Ring
Wooden Ring
Wooden Tray
Wooden Tray

Baluku Yosia at KAAYGO
My name Is Baluku Yosia Aged 26 my education level is Primary Six (p.6). My father - the late Yokonia Kakuha - died of liver Cancer in 1990 when I was two years old. After my father’s death, my mother supported my education up to P.6, but due to lack of funds for school tuition, I joined Kyarumba Anti AIDS Youth Group Carpentry Class so as to acquire the skill to support me, sisters and brothers and my helpless widow mother Biira Felezia to meet domestic, scholastic and medical costs. Currently am proud of KAAYGO where I work and now able to earn 5,000= / 2US Dollars day to help our family.


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