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Please Sponsor a Ugandan Child attending Kasese Humanist Primary School

Posted: Thu, March 05, 2015 | By: Kasese Humanist Primary School

Brighter Brains Institute is an ehtusiastic supporter of Kasese Humanist Primary School (KHPS), a secular education center in western Uganda near the Rwenzori mountains that we’ve helped several times via crowd funding drives.

We urge the public to consider sponsoring a student at this wonderful institution. Sponsorship costs only $42 a term (three terms per year) or $125 annually. Students attending KHPS are able to study without the interference of religion; almost every school in Uganda is associated with a denomination.

At KHPS, the motto is, “With Science, We Can Progress.”

Below is a list of students available for sponsorship. If you sponsor one of them, you will receive their term grades, and the principal’s notes, and a tax deductible receipt, but most importantly, you will know that have helped a child in a remote and impoverished area of the world attain the knowledge they need to guarantee themselves a better life.

If you would also like to volunteer at KHPS, please contact

You can make a charitable contribution via the DONATE button on the right hand side of the Home page. Leave a note indicating which child you want to assist. ALSO - send a message to letting us know that you have been generous, so that we can look for the bank record.



Kahwa EdrineSPONSORED!
is a 4 year old girl in Baby Class at KHPS. Her Father passed away some years ago leaving her Mother near-helpless - she earns a meager living by selling charcoal to town dwellers in Mubuko in Kasese District. Right now, Kahwa stays with one of the teachers at KHPS who offers shelter and food to this young girl. However, her Tuition needs to be paid by a Sponsor.


Richard Keihameisho - SPONSORED!
is a brilliant, very smart P.6 boy at our Rukoki campus who loves education, music and making friends. Both his mother and his father have passed away and he currently lives with his uncle. A sponsor is needed to pay tuition and keep this young boy in school so that he succeeds with his Primary Level Education.


Birungi Bridget SPONSORED!
is a 13 year orphaned young girl in the P.6 class. Her father passed away and her mother - Mrs. Mbabazi Flavia - earns an insufficient income by vending clothes. Bridget is very hardworking in class and she is extremely determined to achieve her dreams if she is helped. She needs a Sponsor to pay her tuition.


Kichonjo Joan
is a P.5 pupil at Kasese Humanist Primary School. She currently lives with her Auntie because both her mother and her father have died. Kichonjo Joan needs urgent attention to remain in school - especially in regards to paying her tuition. Any well-wisher is welcome to Sponsor her education.


Katusiime Gift
is an 8 year old girl in P.2 class at KHPS. She lost her Father and she now lives with her mother, who is a peasant farmer. She needs a Sponsor to support her keep in school.


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