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“Southeast Wisconsin Secular She-Thinkers” Donate $425 AFRIpads to Garama Secondary Humanist Schools

Posted: Wed, August 17, 2016 | By: Past Projects

Brighter Brains Institute received a wonderful donation today, from Southeast Wisconsin Secular She-Thinkers (SWiSS)

SWiSS donated $425 to BBI, for AFRIpads provided to the girls at Garama Secondary Humanist School in Kisinga, Uganda. Garama is one of the eleven humanist schools that BBI has either started, or supports, in this region.

AFRIpads are washable sanitary pads that last up to one year - they are extremely important to girls in this region. Disposable pads are too expensive for most rural Ugandans to purchase - many girls stop going to school when they have their period, to avoid embarrassment. They fall behind in their studies, and often drop out of school entirely. This increases their risk of unwanted pregnancy, marrying early, and never gaining good employment.

The $425 in AFRIpads that SWiSS provided will purchase 85 AFRIpad kits. This will enable all the girls at Garama to have AFRIpads.

Brighter Brains Institute and Garama Secondary Secular School are deeply grateful to SWiSS for their generosity.

A description of SWiSS, from their website, is below:

“SWiSS” was conceived by two atheist women as tool to address the concerns of our sisters and other marginalized groups within and outside the secular, humanist and atheist movements. A spiritual woman quickly joined the administration and helped create the group, which has since gone on to host monthly meetings, socials and activism and is currently spearheading volunteerting and social justice initiatives.

We want to be as inclusive as possible and greatly appreciate perspectives that differ from our own on how to best empower women.

Lavada Luening is an active member of many Milwaukee atheist and free-thinker groups. She hosts her own web series on Secular TV called “The Secular She-Thinker.” She has organized countless events for the community, including a yearly fundraiser, and most recently raised her voice for women at Skepticamp.

Molly Willms is a lifelong areligious feminist and vocal critic of systemic racism, Islamaphobia and rape culture. A Minnesota native and Bay View-dweller, Molly is a queer ally and volunteers at a rape crisis center when she is not working as a reporter.


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