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Solar Panel #1 installed @ BiZoha

Posted: Mon, June 15, 2015 | By: Past Projects

by Bwambale Robert

A solar panel has been fixed at BiZoHa and the installations is to be concluded tomorrow.The installation works was contracted to be done by Bboxx Solar Companywho assigned to me a technician who did the work.

A complete solar unit was purchased that comprised of a solar panel, regulator, main switch, Solar battery, wires, lamps, conduits and connectors to mention but a few. The funds that made this possible came in from Macsen John Rex, a regular supporter of KHPS and Bizoha who donated $500. A big Thanks to the donor plus all those who are contributing to the project.

The solar unit will light up the BiZoHa hostel plus the Dr. Bruce Chou classroom.

The hostel will soon accommodate a section of Muhokya/Kahendero orphans plus some KHPS Orphans as well. All this is scheduled to take place in late August this year.

Plans are underway to erect a kitchen and perhaps plant some flowers, improve on fencing the orphanage and fix some water tank and playing materials for the orphans at the BiZoHa Site.

To support this project financially, any coin counts will be spent on what its meant for and as usual the donor will be updated on everything via updates in photos, text or video. The link is

Take a look at some current images including that of solar installation works @ BiZoHa, veranda works and rough-casting the outer walls.

With Science, we can progress.


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