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Second De-Worming Exercise at Kasese Humanist Primary School

Posted: Fri, July 10, 2015 | By: Kasese

by Robert Bwambale

Today at KHPS Railway campus was a general de-worming exercise of all the students & staffs in an effort to combat intestinal parasites who compete for nutritional values and some times cause diseases to our bodies.

The exercise was carried out by the School Medic who works at the Pellissier Science Lab@KHPS with medical supplies provided by Bob Pellissier who is based in the USA.

It should be noted that the Pellissier Science Laboratory at the school attends to medical needs of the students/staff plus some help extended to parents of our children who might need our service. Each term at KHPS, we deworm all our children to keep them fit health-wise.

Since term 2 begun, The Medic has been attending to the medical needs at the school by offering lectures on personal hygiene, water purification and proper usage of Aqua Safe tablets to render water safe for drinking and enlighten the pupils at the school to control themselves from sexual transmitted diseases and related infections.

The Medic some a week ago dewormed the pupils and the entire staff at the Rukoki Campus where prior to that exercise the pupils have been taught about a variety of diseases affecting humanity and how we can combat them.

Attached are some images showing the exercise.


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