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Scott Furciniti Buys Solar Panel for BiZoHa - “world’s first atheist orphanage”

Posted: Thu, December 10, 2015 | By: BiZoHa (Uganda)

Scott Furciniti - one of BBI’s most reliable donors - has purchased a $180 solar panel that will help light up the classrooms in our latest project: BiZoHa, the world’s first atheist orphanage, and orphanage school.

Scott’s generosity is deeply appreciated! Our BiZoHa endeavor is by far the largest and most expensive undertaking that Brighter Brains Institute has tackled.

To view the rapid progress of BiZoha - click HERE .

Uganda has 3.5 million orphans. 13% of the population in the BiHoZa’s region is orphaned - the highest percentage in Uganda. Children are parentless due to AIDS, civil war, violence, accidents, and abandonment. One of the BiZoHa orphans - Muhindo Zolash - had his father killed and eaten by a crocodile; hippopotami also kill villagers. (news story) 70% of Ugandan orphans become criminals as adults. 60% of girls end up in prostitution, where the HIV/AIDS rate is 37%.

Education for orphans is limited. Many are subjected to illness, filth, malnutrition, sexual abuse, and child trafficking (slavery). When they “age out” of orphanages, many become “street kids” sniffing glue, stealing, scavenging in garbage dumps, begging.

BiZoHa will provide its orphans with an excellent, science-based education.

Brighter Brains Institute extends its deep appreciation to Scott Furciniti for his continuous and generous support.


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