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School Report from Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage Humanist School

Posted: Mon, July 18, 2016 | By: Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage Humanist School

Nyakiyumbu Widows Orphanage Humanist School
P.O. Box 212, Bwera-Kasese

School Report for the months of June and July on July 18, 2016

The community of Nyakiyumbu especially the Nyakiyumbu Widows’ Association
greatly appreciates the Brighter Brains Institute.

Thank you for the good relationship and friendship that you have with both the association and the school.

Without wasting much of the time, we wish to reach to you our simple report concerning our operation.

Pupils’ enrolment

In regard to the enrolment in the school, we have 127 pupils out of whom 53 are boys and 74 are girls. This number shows a reduction in the enrolment as compared from the previous year. This is due to failure of parents failing to afford fees and therefore decide to transfer their children to Universal Primary Education (UPE) schools where they think there is a free education service. This is because most of our population/parents live in total poverty that to the extend lie under poverty line that it’s even had for most of the households to earn even a dollar in a day.


Since when you left us by the time you were in Uganda, we have got or added one more class room to make primary four (P.4) class with 18 pupils.

Scholarship tests/exams

We set exams to test the pupils who would qualify for the scholarships that you offer always to our pupils from P.4-P.7. these students were 107 in number who did the papers including the lower class pupils however others on that day did not attend. Our focus was based on the P.4

Pupils’ Name Performance/Marks
English Maths Science S.S.T Total
Kyakimwa Denize 60 46 50 70 226
Masereka Godfrey 34 56 35 54 179
Biira Adella 47 27 33 68 175
Biira Maurine 26 36 14 36 112
Masika Yolesi 45 40 30 59 174
Muhindo Roset 42 49 17 61 169
Kabugho Jane 54 48 35 70 207
Tayali Jackson 26 30 05 23 84
Muhindo Morine 30 25 25 34 114
Kule Joel 15 35 02 14 66
Masika J. Bridget 28 20 25 47 120
Mbambu Perepeto 32 33 36 45 146

From the table above, the best five performers are given below in ascending order:-
From our analysis, this poor performance as earlier said is due to parents’ failure to afford the necessary study requirements and hunger.

  • Kyakimwa Denize with a total of 226
  • Kabugho Jane with a total of 207
  • Masereka Godfrey with a total of 179
  • Biira Adella with a total of 175 and
  • Masika Yolesi with a total of 174.


There are a number of challenges faced and these include among others;-

a) Class room capacity. Since we now have a P.4 class this year, we are compacted in space and therefore, we don’t have enough capacity to accommodate the number of pupils in the school.

b) Pupils’ meals. We now have a long period when our pupils no longer eat from the school due to finances to o help us afford their meals.

c) Land. As you already know how big our space is, the land is not enough to accommodate our structures which we wish to put in our plans though we are putting a strategy to acquire more and add it on what is already in existence.


i. The strong and effective mobilization that we made, we managed to have a good number of our community members to offer community service to make bricks though some expenditure were incurred. In this participation, we shall approximately have not less than 25,000 bricks which we hope to use for construction of our office so that we leave renting and if possible one class room.

ii. We also have obtained a very good public relationship with the community and our name sounds now well especially in areas of education and health. All this is due to your good relationship you create with us.

iii. Our parents have improved in handcraft activities. In this, some have started to design new products likes small hand bags for carrying in the hands used especially by ladies. A picture of this is attached on with this document.


♦ We hope by the end of the month of September, organized a fundraising that will yield to us at least one million Ugandan shillings to pay a deposit on a small land equal to what we already operate in which is at 3.5 million shillings. We hope from the relationship we have with the owner, if we collect this 1 million shillings, the owner may accept us put some structures and complete the payments when we are already operating.

♦ To ensure quality education and attract other parents to join our widows in giving us their children to study at our school, we hope to have competitive debates with other schools to identify weaknesses and strengths in teaching. This will help us to check our academic standard.

♦ We have also started the processes of having a bank account on centenary bank which we shall send you soon.


We appreciate Brighter Brains Institute for your continuing efforts to support ourassociation and the school.

Thank you very much

We remain yours faithfully


Chairperson and Head teacher

Nyakiyumbu Widows’ Association Nyakiyumbu Orphanage Nursery and Primary School


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