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Scholastic Books for BiZoHa Campus - Kasese Humanist Primary School

Posted: Fri, January 15, 2016 | By: BiZoHa

Brighter Brains Institute is pleased to present the opportunity to send books to the Bizoha Campus of KHPS. In cooperation with Scholastic Book Clubs, we will have six opportunities each year to select books online and have them shipped directly to Bizoha. The online catalog price includes all shipping and handling costs. You simply select one or more books for your shopping cart and complete the transaction online directly with Scholastic. We will post news updates showing the children enjoying their books at school.

Wish List Items for our youngest readers and listeners

We would like to encourage donations for general use by all children, as not all children at the school have sponsors. We hope to build a very nice library of books for children to borrow and enjoy over the course of several years. Where the order form requires Child’s Name and Child’s Class, please just use “Library” in that field unless the book is a special gift for a particular child. The teachers can then share the books with their students in each classroom until the time when we have enough titles to build an actual library room. If you are an orphan sponsor and want to send a gift to a particular child, you may indicate the child’s name on the order, and “Sponsored” in the Class field and we will arrange to give the gift to the child for you.

Wish List Items for intermediate and older readers

On the order page, you may see a banner message at the top saying that orders must ship to a school. You may X out of that message, as our link goes directly to the Kasese Humanist Primary School page, which will ship to the Bizoha Campus. Prices can be viewed in either dollars or pounds. The Scholastic Book Club is managed in the UK, and the children may not relate as well to some of the very trendy books. Reading for pleasure is not common in Uganda, and is something that Bizoha hopes to build with our students. For every dollar you spend on sending books, Bizoha earns twenty cents toward buying additional library books.

Wish List for sparking an interest in science!

There are hundreds of books to choose from on the site. Please feel free to choose any book that you think the children would enjoy. To make it easy for those not interested in browsing, pictured on the page here are the “Wish List” books that we feel will be appropriate and interesting for the children, and would like to add to our library. You can find them in the catalog by using the Search bar at the top of the page.

Developing a curiosity in geography and people of the world. Pictures can be enjoyed by all ages.

Our premier Book Club ordering will close on January 31, and books should arrive to the school by the start of our very first school term on February 22, 2016. What a nice way to welcome the children to their new school, and to celebrate our Grand Opening! Thank you for your kind and generous support of the children of Bizoha Campus.

Click here to go to Scholastic Book Club Online (Book Club will open in a new window)


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