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Ruwenzori Women’s Empowerment Group - list of members

Posted: Sun, July 23, 2017 | By: Women

​by Ngabirwe Phiona

I take this opportunity to introduce to you the members of the Ruwenzori Women’s Empowerment Group. We are also called the BIZOHA saving group.

Our group has been in existence since 2016. We save and borrow simple amounts of money just from the little salaries we earn from the school and farming.

We are 14 in number: eight teachers and six non teachers. The following are the names, years and occupation for each member.

(1)Ngabirwe Phiona, 27 years-a teacher.
(2) Nyangona Justine,18 years- peasant.
(3)Musoki Rosset,20 years- a teacher.
(4)Nambuusi Juliet, 24 years- a teacher.
(5)Biira Mary, 22 years- a teacher.
(6)Musiimenta Grace, 27 years- a peasant.
(7)Nakarema Madiina,19 years waitress.
(8)Nasazi Kanifah, 50 years- cook.
(9)Masika Scovia, 32 years- peasant.
(10)Kiwunde Milly,16 years- None.
(11) Nanyonga Phiona,18 years- hair dresser.
(12) Mbambu Lydia,23 years- a teacher.
(13)Kabugho Sumaya,22 years- a teacher.
(14)Kansiime Margret, 21years-teacher.


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